NAF British Riding Clubs’ Festival of the Horse results, 5-6 May

  • SHP (C Lewis).— 1, Catch Fantastic (C Walton, North Mymms); 2, Madame Danbys (A Williams, North Lincs). riding horse (N Arnold).— 1 & res, Tout A L’Heure (S Lindsey, Hinckley Dressage); 2, Heres Ross (C Chapman, Hinckley Dressage); 3, Legolas (J L Kelly, Sunniside). RC horse (A Taylor).— 1, Hilliam My Dudley (S Harrison, West Devon); 2, Cody (C Pearson, Darlington); 3, Harvest Peer (J Copley, VWH). coloured (N Arnold).— 1, Tiger Tim (A Burks, Mid Somerset); 2, Another Tinker (E Atkinson, Chiltern); 3, Cody (C Pearson, Darlington). retrained racehorse (N Arnold).— 1, Imps Reflection (S Supple, Buckingham); 2, Aveline (H Drury, Ettington Park & Kineton); 3, Full Minty (S Stafford, VWH). open hunter (P Scott).— 1 & ch & sup, Odin Of Valhalla (K Newman, Maidstone); 2, Yelwols Seattle (R Slowley, N Lincs); 3, Brechfa Ninian (C Wilkinson, Huntingdon). nov hunter.— 1, Odin Of Valhalla (K Newman, Maidstone); 2, Sub Zero, (C Heath, Darlington); 3, Kings Cruise (S Wooller, Malvern Hills). M&M (H Knight).— 1, Hilliam My Dudley (S Harrison, West Devon); 2, Meres Just A Mo, (C Paterson, Huntingdon); 3, Sir Lancelot (R Gibbs, Chiltern). WH (P Scott).— 1, Lady Of Athenrye (V Hancox, Worcester); 2, Red Cliff II, (S Scott, Rutland); 3, Kings Cruise (S Wooller, Malvern Hills). M&M WHP (H Knight).— 1 & ch, Hilliam My Dudley (S Harrison, West Devon); 2, Meres Just A Mo, (C Paterson, Huntingdon); 3, Mr Pickles (S Green, Tendring). WHP.— 1 & res, Castle Quarter Totti (L Teal, North Ryedale); 2, Hilliam My Dudley (S Harrison, West Devon); 3, Hugo (G Frow, North Lincs). nov WH (P Scott).— 1, Oscar Award (J Davey, Rearsby Lodge); 2, Crown Hero (A Barrett, ind); 3, Another Tinker (E Atkinson, Chiltern). combined comp: jnr.— 1, Luigi (T Lees, Moreton Morrell ) 78.85; 2, Hilliam My Dudley (S Harrison, West Devon) 64.50; 3, Thai (J Stokes, Rugby) 62.75. snr.—1, Velidin (E Howell, Welton) 75.24; 2, Gristhills Sly Fox (T Malka, Stoneleigh) 74.41; 3, Stormray (S J Gannie, Bay) 71.91. festival challenge: snr open teams.—1, Mid Somerset , (A Matravers, A Bown, V Heal, M Treloggen) 6.8; 2, Buckingham (M Berry, L Clements, N Longley, J Eeley) 9.2; 3, North Lincs (K Hurst, S Ward, S Brown, L Bullas) 16.6. ind.—1, Golden King (C Bunce, Malvern Hills) 0.4; 2, Sub Zero (C Heath, Darlington) 0.8; 3, Fruitful Cruise (M Bowe, Bourne Valley) 1.2. snr pairs.—1, Ardingly (J Taggart, N Gurden) 1.2; 2, Elstead (J Dutton, C Jollands) 4.8; 3, Beccles & Bungay (M Colman, N Colman) 9.2. snr nov teams.—1, North Lincs (R Dunham, K Hurst, B Dickson, S Brown) 13.2; 2, Harewood CTG (R Thompson, J Bennett, T Heaps, C Wells) 16.4; 3, Mid Somerset (R Cook, V Heal, I Jennings, A Matravers) 19.6. ind.—1, Last Link (J Bennett, Harewood CTG) 0.0; 2, Cool As Ice (B Dickson, North Lincs) 1.2; 3, Mary (B Eriksson, Rother Valley) 1.6. jnr open teams.— 1, South Warwickshire (L Wilkes, K Bleloch, M Helmes, T Falkingham, K Wright) 9.6; 2, Hereford (K Ebery, Z Davies, H Blackman Howard) 54.8; 3, Huntingdon (V G Hart, H Algar, S Kelly, B Hipwell) 61.4. ind.— 1, Coral Twilight (G Frow, North Lincs) 2.0; 2, Cracker Jack (L Wilkes, South Warwickshire) 2.4; 3, Marepark Helmes (K Bleloch, South Warwickshire) 2.4. jnr nov teams.— 1 Holme Valley (M Searby, J Watson, E Bradbury, N Brook) 16.8; 2, Area 19 (T Beach, C Callan, S Chaplin, H Greaves) 21.6; 3, Bay (A Sanderson, M Godfrey, N Anderson, F Grant) 22.0. ind.— 1, Tangerine Dream (R Lunney, North Ryedale) 0.4; 2, Shadow Man (S Hughes, Tendring Hundred) 0.4; 3, Toy Time (A Sanderson, Bay) 2.4. jnr pairs.— 1, Elstead (F Lawes, S Flourendzou) 10.6; 2, South Warwickshire (K Wright, N Wilkes) 17.4; 3, Rochdale A (S Brown, B Lumb) 17.8

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