JumpCross results July 2001

  • GRANGE FARM EC, Wittering, Nr Peterborough, 14 July

    Group 1 1, Queenholme.com (M Kyle/T Liddle); 2, Tredstep (T Liddle/M Kayle); 3, Silly Sods (J Crowson/G Parsonage); 4, Awkward Pensioners! (J Trevor-Roper/G Parsonage); 5, SmartDeal (K Dixon/J Constanze Kohler); 6, Tallyho Breeches (M Kyle/T Liddle).Group 2 1, Badminton Bound (C Dunlop/J Crowson); 2, Horse Ware (M Kyle/T Liddle); 3, Red Devils 2 (Z Brega/P Buckley); 4, Odds and Sods (Y Goss/J Edmunds); 5, Badminton Blondes (J Crowson/N Mills); 6, Double Entry Duo (G Parsonage/J Trevor-Roper).Group 3 1, Odds & Sods (Y Goss/J Edmunds); 2, Queenholme Kindergarden (M Kyle/A Hardy); 3, The Branon Babes (G Richardson/M Stoner); 4, Three in One (E Ingelsberg/J Crowson); 5, Pink (D Olive); 6, Ron’s Rockets (R Pearson/S Kempston).

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