Essex and Suffolk team chasing results, 1 November

  • Open.— 1, Relentless Fight the Ban (R Cope, S Morris, R Mason, L Akincy) 5.30.19; 2, Point 2 TopSpec Hair Raisers (A Brown, A Brown, P Thomason, G Wright) 5.40.86; 3, Lycetts A Class Act (C Alexander, J Rugman, A Shipley, S Robbins) 5.49. inter.— 1, Point 2 TopSpec Close Shavers (A Brown, A Brown, M Crambe, G Wright) 5.10; 2, Mucking Fuddle (B Langley McKin, B Mansworth, L Browne, B O’Connor) 5.32; 3, Skittles (L Chamberlain, O Marsh, H Golding, A Lambert) 5.34. nov fastest.— 1, Mucking Fuddle (S Kershaw, B O’Connor, B Langley McKin, L Browne) 5.08; 2, Baby Blockbusters (A Block, P Block, R Aldous, H Garnish) 5.13; 3, Jammie Dodgers (L Allan, C Arling, A Hayes, L Stock) 5.15. nov bogey.— 1, Essex & Suffolk Hooligans (S Benton, D Huxtable, R Hiscocks, H Gibbons); 2, Nuckin Futters (N Daines, L Kerr, E Warner); 3, Keep Behind The Masters! (C Clover, E Glover, E Freeman).

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