Drivers Dream driving results, 29 August

  • Exercise vehicles, two wheels (J Clixby).— 1, J Snowden’s Rex Of Larkrise (E Faulkner); 2, L Anderson’s Whitethorns Tradesman; 3, P Day’s Mr Morse. four wheels.— 1, P Mills’ Thomas; 2, S Vella’s Canistaynow; 3, S Laker’s Munchie. young drivers.— 1 & ch, L Smith’s Royal Sunshine; 2, Rex Of Larkrise; 3, Mr Morse. light trade.— 1, J Edwards’ Stapleford Meteor; 2, S Brown’s Drumbo Great Expectations; 3, E Edmonds’ Parkton Unique. private driving under 13.2hh.— 1, Royal Sunshine; 2, D Wootton’s Ellarslea Hallmark; 3, Rex Of Larkrise. over 13.2hh.— 1 & res, J Osborne’s Hamewith Lochnegar; 2, M Woolley’s Striker (G Docking); 3, T Reeve’s Thankyou Ovation & Thankyou Oh Wow. senior drivers.— 1, Ellarslea Hallmark; 2, Thankyou Ovation & Thankyou Oh Wow; 3, Rex Of Larkrise (J Snowdon). novice horse or pony.— 1, C Moreau’s Wentworth Minstrel; 2, E Millen’s Barham Sweet Charity; 3, A Howe’s Bailey. concours d’elegance.— 1, T Howard’s Spider; 2, Thankyou Ovation & Thankyou Oh Wow; 3, Stapleford Meteor. national final style & performance traditional vehicles.— 1, Spider; 2, Rex Of Larkrise. national final style and performance non-traditional vehicles.— 1, Royal Sunshine; 2, Thomas.

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