Dengie Winter Championships Pony Club results, 4-5 April

  • Show jumping winter league.— 1, Bailey (R Graham, Mid Antrim); 2, Gortadooey Lass (S Berry, Iveagh); 3, Abbey Lass (G Lewis, Tivyside). open.— 1, Chellijana Z (R Duns, East Lothian); 2, Total Caro (S Nodder, Wilton Hunt); 3, Hot Foxy Lady (B Thomas, Tivyside). warm-up.— 1, Abbagail Dream (R Suffern, Iveagh); 2, Bailey; 3, Hot Stuff Stallone (N Burns, Killultagh Old Rock & Chichester Harriers). dressage novice ride-off.— 1, Rockstar III (L Benson, Barlow Hunt) 71.1; 2, VIP (B Payne, Atherstone Hunt) 70.18; 3, Jubilee (L James, Tetcott & South Tetcott Hunt) 68.89. (sec A).— 1, Rockstar III 71.11; 2, Jubilee 69.26; 3, Waltham Fiddlers Find (T Jackson, Ashford Valley Hunt) 68.15. (sec B).— 1, Timothy Francis (S Welch, West Lancashire County) 70; 2, VIP 70; 3, The Diamond Thief (T McLaughlin, North Herefordshire Hunt) 68.52. open ride-off.— 1, Dublin (C Graepel, Llandeilo & District) 73.22; 2, Joey (E Carmichael, Cotswold Hunt) 70.96; 3, Nearly On Time (R Tucker, South Devon Hunt (West)) 66.38. (sec A).— 1, Dublin 69.68; 2, Nearly On Time 68.06; 3, Noble Gold Finger (S Ashworth) 67.74. (sec B).— 1, Joey 73.55; 2, Puff Daddy (K Morris, Lord Leconfield Hunt) 70.97; 3, Drayford Endeavour (H Govier, Dulverton West Foxhounds (North Molton) Hunt) 70. NFU Mutual quiz (branch).— 1, Chipping (M Chaston, V Hargreaves, S Janus, E Chew); 2, East Essex Hunt (G Rooney, C Hambly, A Dixon, L Hamilton); 3, East Antrim (M Gault, L McKillen, C Moss, N McKee). centre.— 1, Talygarn Equestrian Centre (C Reakes, C Morgan, C Reville, A Davies); 2, Pippin Equestrian Ltd (H Watling, S Shanks, G Butler, C Chapman); 3, Mill House (R Foulds, A Horstman, K Thomson, C Harcourt). dressage to music (class 1).— 1, Duntarvie Catalan (C Vell, East Cheshire) 84; 2, Irish Kate (F Woodward, Atherstone Hunt) 83; 3, Darkness (L Mills, Warwickshire Hunt) 82. (class 2).— 1, Inspekteur Keillour (E Carmichael, Cotswold Hunt) 74.67 & Monks Robbie (E Westley, Albrighton Woodland Hunt) 79.33; 2, Rock Music (E Carmichael) 73; 3, Onnie (S Foxall, East Cheshire) 72. (class 3).— 1, Woltaire (J Englishby, Whaddon Chase) 64.67. (pairs).— 1, Albrighton Woodland Hunt: Monks Robbie & Strawberry Fields Forever (P Baylis) 77.08; 2, East Cheshire: Capitana (L Lock Williams) & Onnie 69.58; 3, Atherstone Hunt: Lord Michelmas Magna (D Tilley) & Nick (E Hulme) 66.67. teams.— 1, East Cheshire: Duntarvie Catalan, St Lawrence-Daniel (A Oakes), Capitana, Onnie 349; 2, Atherstone Hunt Hawks: VIP (B Payne), Lord Michelmas Magma, Nick, Caedelyn Step On (B Morris) 344.5; 3eq, Ludlow Hunt: Gkar (A Blount), StoneyBank Star (L Rollings), Prince Sionyn (N Rollings) & Atherstone Hunt Eagles: Charlie (E Hulme), Nook (B Payne), Pandora (A Read), Ayleston The Merrie Monk (A Meadows) 314.5.

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