British Riding Clubs Championships results, 11-12 September

  • Snr open dressage (team).— 1, East Cheshire (A Harrison, N Toomer, B Butler, T Cassells); 2, Area 19 (S Callow, R Cullen, S Cullen); 3, Cwmaman (L Joynson, S Gooding, R Llewelyn, N Stanton). snr open dressage (ind) arena 5.— 1, Jupiter (D Grundy, Northern); 2, Don’t Worry (A Howard-Chappell, Area 19); 3, Midnight Flyer (N Stanton, Cwmaman). arena 6.— 1 & overall, D’Artangan V (T Cassells, East Cheshire); 2, Bay City Roller (E Wotton, Witheridge & District); 3, Quin Kannan (R Young, Ettrick Forest). arena 7.— 1, Maateus (A Peel, East Yorkshire); 2, Barney T Rubble (V Impey, Huntington & District); 3, Grin ‘N’ Bear It (A Harrison, East Cheshire). arena 8.— 1, Wind Dance (S Cullen, Area 19); 2, Littleworth Splashes (N Toomer, East Cheshire); 3, Mr Christie (R Llewelyn, Cwmaman). arena 9.— 1, Carnaval Lord (V Turner, Chilworth); 2, Bolgoed Golly Gosh (G Carman, Rugby); 3, Max (K Walker, Bath). arena 10.— 1, Romano (K Casswell, North Lincs); 2, Red Bordis (V Gibson, Bishops); 3, Mr Christie (R Llewelyn, Cwmaman). arena 11.— 1, Westenwind (C Brougham, Newlands Corner); 2, Bobby Brown (E Birkin, Atherstone & District); 3, Etoile Rouge (V Gibson, Bishops). arena 12.— 1, Cherokee Brave (N Ireland, Lakes); 2eq, DHI Malibu (Y Middlemass, Northallerton) & Kylix Karrasel (V Palmer, Saffron Walden & District). snr med dressage (ind).— 1eq, The Merchant Of Venice (H Reed, Elstead) & Wind Dance (S Cullen, South Devon); 3, Cherokee Brave (N Ireland, Lakes). snr nov dressage (team).— 1, Cheltenham & District (S Owen, R Smith, S Evans, K Drinkwater); 2, Aspley Guise & District (S Vousden, V Mann, E Cloake, R Mackie); 3, Wokingham & Bearwood (S Turner, J Jenkins, G Sayers, B Friend). snr nov dressage (ind) arena 5.— 1, Cavaliers Showdown (G Sayers, Wokingham & Bearwood); 2, Tempest Dream (D Grundy, Northern); 3, Desach Gold Sunset (L Hooper, Towy Valley). arena 6.— 1, Brysmith Ironspirit (E Cloake, Aspley Guise & District); 2, Cool Cookie (S Owen, Cheltenham & District); 3, Yogi Bear (L Bradwell, Bishops). arena 7.— 1, Silver Ve Vitory (A Carpenter, East Cornwall); 2, Just Harry (A Matravers); 3, Lough Owl (K Drinkwater, Cheltenham & District). arena 8.— 1 & overall, Charlie (R Riiser, Newlands Corner); 2, Stream of Silver (A Jacobs, Deben); 3, Lady of Athenrye (V Hancox, Worcester & District). arena 9.— 1, Winstance Way (A Goodwin, Hereford & District); 2, Indiana Jones (E Langstaff, Darlington & District); 3, Irish Mouse (A Rowland, Northern) . arena 10.— 1, Ratina (J Mills, Sevenoaks); 2eq, Mozarts Daughter (Z Jones, Royal Wood) & Flying Fun Guy (S Morley-Boxall, Elstead). snr pairs dressage.— 1, Bath (K Walker, G Bryce); 2, Brecon, Crickhowell & District (S Owen, S Andrews); 3, Stoneleigh (P Boon, E Smith-Poacher). snr team of four dressage.— 1, East Yorkshire (B Gibson, C Freear, A Peel, D Kaye); 2, Stoneleigh (C Fenn, S Parker, E Smith-Poacher, S Bullock); 3, Northern (D Grundy, J Mooney, B Moore, G Parry). snr rural riders dressage (team).— 1, Elstead (J Dutton, A Denton, S Morley-Boxhall, T Negus, M Hodges, H Reed, P Jann); 2, New Forest Pony Enthusiasts (J Horsburgh, T Russell, S Albery, A Pidgley, S Goddard, D Vear, H Campbell); 3, High Wycombe (B Harper, P Salisbury, P Salisbury, L Chappell, A Mayo, H Coupland, S Read, J Adderley). snr riding test (team).— 1, High Fen (C East, J Tootal, L Browning); 2, Sevenoaks (V Mitchell, V Whitaker, M Mcdonnell, J Mills); 3, Cwmaman (N Stanton, S Gooding, L Joynson, R Llewelyn). snr riding test (ind) arena 1.— 1, Olympic Du Loir (T Iveson, Rutland); 2, Desach Gold Sunset (L Hooper, Towy); 3, Michaelmas Milarky (J Cork, Shropshire South). arena 2.— 1, Quendells Dream (L Sharpe, Mid Somerset); 2, Ratina (J Mills, Sevenoaks); 3, Wesley (B Friend, Wokingham & Bearwood); arena 3.— 1, Sergeant Man (C Freear, East Yorkshire); 2, Cherokee Brave (N Ireland, Lakes); 3, Westwinde (C Brougham, Newlands Corner). arena 4.— 1 & overall, Jays Silver Spirit (L Hamilton, Wey Valley); 2, Lyndell Alexanderthegreat (L Joynson, Cwmaman); 3, D’artagnan (T Cassells, East Cheshire). snr open showjumping (team).— 1, Association of Irish Riding Clubs Ltd (G Alexander, K Solon, S Rooney, R Dalton); 2, Nantwich (A Done, N Moran, L Cadman, J Done); 3, Horsham & District (S Gates, P Taneborne, L Kenward). snr open showjumping (ind).— 1, Salandra (R Horton-Barr, Stoneleigh); 2, Footsteps (P Mellor, Holme Valley); 3, Navarone (S Rooney, Association of Irish Riding Clubs Ltd). snr int showjumping (team).— 1, Downshire (S Mclean, S Stewart, N Cullen, J Champion); 2, Mid Somerset (A Brown, R Cook, G Sharpe, A Matravers); 3, Nantwich (H Davies, J Done, C Mclellan, L Cadman). snr int showjumping (ind).— 1, Tajas Magic (S Broadhead, Harewood Combined); 2, Diamond Sunstar (S Stewart, Downshire); 3, Its Only Gertie (K Marsden, Wilmslow). snr nov showjumping (team).— 1, Cambridge & District (J Moon, J Shaw, D Smith, N Shaw); 2, Taunton & District (O Cossey, E Pearce, L Scott, V Lavers); 3, Ackworth & District (M Smith, S Mcquire, T Ford, S Rogerson).snr nov showjumping (ind).— 1, Springrove Prince Edward (R Whitmore, Rugby); 2, Demdare Pomange (O Cossey, Taunton & District); 3, Rocky (J Moon, Cambridge & District). snr style jumping (team).— 1, Worcester & District (V Hancox, L Bennett, R Harris, J Aston); 2, Cwmaman (H Nelmes, Z Llewelyn, Z Joynson, R Llewelyn); 3, Atherstone & District (D Telley, E Birkin, J Weir). snr style jumping (ind).— 1, Lowhill Clover (S Holmes, Isle of Wight); 2, The Snowman (J Dutton, Elstead); 3, Lyndell Alexanderthegreat (L Joynson, Cwmaman). jnr open int showjumping (team).— 1, Northallerton (J Bagley, T Bell, M Richards, H Bellis); 2, North Ryedale (B Shipley, J Teal, H Milner, W Easterby); 3, Cropthorne and Evesham Vale (A Furness, C Davey, A Stock, T Wheeler). jnr int open showjumping (ind).— 1, Prince Of Hearts (R Baird, Kilkeel); 2, Jack Frost (I Picton-Turbervill, Saffron Walden); 3, Kilree Bouncer (M Young, Atherstone & District). jnr nov showjumping (team).— 1, Taunton & District (E May, J Mclachlan, H David, E Cossey); 2, Royal Wood (C Spooner, E Ballock, O Mawson, E Davis); 3, Macclesfield & District (J Brodie, H Neat, O Arrowsmith, A German). jnr nov showjumping (ind).— 1, Foxwood Ginger Nova (O Mawson, Royal Wood); 2, Drumduan Funtime (J Jack, Buchan); 3, Just B (H Chambers, Tendring Hundred). jnr style jumping (team).— 1, Rearsby Lodge (T Rudkin, I Machin, E Beeson, Eve Carrier); 2, Sevenoaks (E Duggan, E Mccready, A Mccready, J Sneddon); 3, North Ryedale (R Lunney, S Richardson, B Shipley, L Teal). jnr style jumping.— 1, Breffne Brou (B Shipley, North Ryedale); 2, A Touch Of Baileys (L Howlett, Saffron Walden & District); 3, Poly Ruler (J Sneddon, Sevenoaks). jnr team of four dressage.— 1, Malton & District (A Malton, A Laughton, K Holmes, S Dunn, S Lear); 2, Rochdale & District (V Leeson, M Lewis, E Tyler, J Boyden); 3, Elstead (H Stuart, C Smith, F Lawes, P Carter). jnr dressage (team).— 1, North Lincs (G Frow, S Trotter, C Wood, L Norton); 2, Atherstone & District (F Woodward, K Marshall, S Croxton, B Payne) ; 3, Rearsby Lodge (C Gunn, H Bull, B O’Kelly, T Rudkin). jnr dressage (ind) arena 5.— 1, Foggy Dew (S Trotter, North Lincs); 2, Spot The Difference (B Debenham, Suffolk); 3, Shamlord Sunrise (N Coventry, Vectis). arena 6.— 1 & overall, Ballanavine (H Allman-Carter, Frampton); 2, Monty (G Winfield, Ingatestone & Blackmore); 3, Lord Blake (T Rudkin, Rearsby Lodge). arena 7.— 1, Seren Benfro (J Hill, Ardingly); 2, Forge Star (L Norton, North Lincs); 3, Spot On (L Witchell, Frampton). arena 8.— 1, Master Flick (S Reason, Ingatestone & Blackmore); 2, Vip (B Payne, Atherstone & District); 3, Claydon Robinia (K Hills, South Western). jnr pairs dressage.— 1, Atherstone & District (S Croxton, K Marshall); 2, Saffron Walden & District (O Potter, L Byford); 3, Wilmslow (H Secker, I Sherry). jnr riding test (team).— 1, Atherstone & District (S Croxton, F Woodward, B Payne, B Morris); 2, Wilmslow (E Hazelwood, I Sherry, H Secker, E Noble); 3, Rochdale & District (T Lewis, V Leeson, H Innes, S Brown). jnr riding test (ind) arena 1.— 1 & overall, Ballanavine; 2, Just Stanley (A Wotton, St Edmunds); 3, Roscommon Dancer (S Brown, Rochdale & District); arena 2.— 1, Mr Mcgowan (S Croxton, Atherstone & District); 2, Celtic Charm (M Hughes, Nantwich); 3, Harvey Nix (V Whiteley, Ackworth & District). arena 3.— 1, Mockbeggar Snippet II (R Champion, Wokingham & Bearwood); 2, Kate (F Woodward, Atherstone & District); 3, Arden Gold (E Noble, Wilmslow). arena 4.— 1, VIP (B Payne, Atherstone & District); 2, Ballinabrough Luke (H Secker, Wilmslow); 3, Jack Frost (I Picton-Turbervill, Saffron Walden). evergreen pony.— 1, Pedantic (M Mcdonnell, Sevenoaks); 2, Abaddon Autumn Leaf (K Holmes, Malton & District); 3, Buster (S Roberts, West Devon). evergreen horse.— 1, Evidence (M Mcdonnell, Sevenoaks); 2, Yogi Bear (L Bradwell, Bishops); 3, Vice Versa (E Deighton, West End).

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