Brinkworth driving results, 9 August

  • Exercise vehicle.— 1, Mr & Mrs Siviter’s Synod Jaguar (D Siviter); 2, Mrs A Radcliffe’s Barns Blue Mouse & Twinkey Of Hutton; 3, Mrs J White’s Splash. young driver champ.— 1, Mrs S Dale’s Roger (R Godfrey-Cass). private driving reg Welsh.— 1 & res, Mrs L Hurd’s Winmark Archie; 2, Mrs A Townsend’s Typentre Daffydd Ddu; 3, Mr M Evans’ Llansantffaed Black Jack (P Evans). concours d’elegance.— 1 & ch, Mrs P Holcombe’s Westbourne Highflyer; 2. Barns Blue Mouse & Twinkey Of Hutton; 3, Mrs S Kerr’s Greenhurst Daytime. private driving with drive.— 1, Greenhurst Daytime; 2, Mrs R Kent’s Mulberry; 3. Miss C Parkin’s Royal Delight. dressage introductory A.— 1, Mrs E Pearse’s Rolly Rascal (C Pearse); 2, A Potter’s Redweil; 3, J Evans’ Just Sam. prelim 4.— 1, L Kernon’s Lockwood Slaney; 2, G Noads’ Dolly; 3, D Pinder’s Biscuit. prelim 10.— 1, L Beadle’s Swallowbrook Montana; 2, K Wall’s Mr Ed (L Wall); 3, L Rutter’s Lake Street Oakley.

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