Bicester with Whaddon Chase team chasing results, 11 October

  • Open.— 1, Relentless Fight the Ban (R Cope, B Pauling, D Gittins, L Cope) 4.17.00; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, H Moodie, R Cope, G Wright) 4.33.24; 3, Lycetts A Class Act (I Shipley, A Shipley, C Alexander, J Rugman) 5.23.65; 4, Foxberry Chasers. intermediate.— 1, Top Spec Close Shavers (A Brown, A Brown, M Cramb, S Coady) 3.30.94; 2, Relentless Them and Us (D Gittins, R Mason, M Wall, L Hall) 3.33.19; 3, Farmers Bloodhound Babes (G Wright, H Watson, A Stone, M Hilton) 3.40.34; 4, Court Flyers; 5, Boring Gorings II; 6, Brambusters. nov (bogey time).— 1, Teagues Totty (K Middleton, L McLean, M Harper, C Treleven); 2, TLC (C Callaghan, E Lucas, L Tutt, H Tutt); 3, Pytchley Pocket Rockets (H Ackinchy, F Highton, G Highton); 4, The Away Team; 5, Angry Dragons; 6, Georges Girls.

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