Bicester team chasing results, 13 November 2011

  • Novice (bogey time).– 1, Donald’s Darlings (D Peebles, A Peebles, P Hush, A Edwards); 2eq, Flying Coloureds (J Harbison, C Franklin, J Potter, H Mainds) & Odds N Evenleys (J Cropley, P Heumann, A Strangman); 4, Pytchley Power Pack; 5, Mad Marshalls; 6, Mini Masters int.– 1, Art Hotel Racers (S Myhill, S Robbins, S Tideswell, C Davey) 3.20.86; 2, Team Ride Away (S Clark, R Andrews, B Allen, R Carr) 3.39.97; 3, Welsh Wizards (N Jones, C Jones, K Morgan, J O’Donnell) 3.42; 4, Point Two Top Spec Close Shavers; 5, Drag N Fly; 6, The Cupid Stunts. open.– 1, Relentless (R Cope, D Barrett, D Gittins, P Mason) 3.54.87; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, Y Goss, C Davey, L Siedel) 4.13.24; 3, Equiform Farmers Bloodhounds (G Wright, C Nicholls, H Watson, S Tideswell) 4.37.83; 4, The Cunning Stunts; 5, FSL Barnsley Babes N A Banker.

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