Belvoir team chasing results, 19 September

  • W Spence and Son inter.— 1, Relentless Fight the Ban (R Cope, B Pauling, D Gittins, M Stewart Wood) 5.15.62; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, L Seidel, H Moodie, R Mason) 5.26.60; 3, ROR Lycetts A Class Act (A Shipley, J Rugman, C Alexander, S Robbins) 5.37.94; 4, Cunning Stunts; 5, Lycetts A Class Act B; 6, Point Two Top Spec Close Shavers. Buttercup Feeds nov.— 1, Equiform Farmers Bloodhound Babes (G Wright, H Watson, S Coady, C Endland) 5.04.06; 2, Why Worry There’s Hope (G Savory, R Slater, P Cassie, C Jackson) 5.15.09; 3, Point Two Top Spec Close Shavers 2 (D Manning, P Thomason, P Still, M Cramb) 5.28.62; 4, Farmers Bloodhound Pups; 5, Woody’s Roundup Gang; 6, Details To Follow. Market Tavern Fun (bogey time).— 1, The All Blacks (H Jordan, M Jordan, N Saunders, C Burrows); 2, Fearsome Filles (H Simes, L Simes, A Simes, K Turner); 3, Mary’s Muppets (M Crawford, A Gilman, H Ingham, C Stack); 4, Taylor’s Family Team; 5, Snooze & You Lose; 6, Sussex Stormers.

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