Belvoir team chase results, 13 September

  • Fun.— 1, Belvoir Bombshells (A Van Doorn, L Jones, S Van Doorn, M Stephens); 2, Blonde Bombshells (H Lovegrove, R Parrott, B Parrott, E Punt); 3eq, The Harbinators & Three Foot Flyers; 5, Phizzybees; 6, Stud Holes. nov.— 1, Foxberry Chasers (S Metcalfe, C Gibbon, S Gibbon, G Bland) 5.01; 2, Cupid Stunts (S Coles, N Kelsall, N Smith, D Watts) 5.18; 3, Patey Hats Legover Ladies (J Torrance, E Brown, A Brown, L Allin) 5.21; 4, Why Worry There’s Hope; 5, Buster Marquees Details To Follow; 6, Gonalston Farm Shop Flyers. inter.— 1, Relentless Fight the Ban (R Cope, B Pauling, D Gittins, R Mason) 5.12; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (H Moodie, R Cope, S Myhill, B Allen) 5.24; 3, Farmers Bloodhounds (G Wright, J Goss, T Wood, L Gill) 5.40; 4, Cunning Stunts; 5, Bromley Babes; 6, Boring Gorings.

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