BDS Surrey driving results, 11 July

  • Country Carts (D Wootton).— 1, S Kerr’s Greenhurst Daytime; 2, T Annema’s Jonas. private driving Welsh sec A, B, C, D.— 1, A Gallop’s Merioneth Moesen; 2, C Brown’s Mondsworth Mary’s China Doll; 3, L Hurd’s Winmark Archie. pleasure driving.— 1, M Saunder’s Horseman’s Momentum; 2, L Jeeves’s Biro’s Little Star; 3, B Orchard’s Stanray Miss Rosalie. light trade four-wheel.— 1 & res, T Fountain’s Trixies How’d You Like It; 2, T Planson’s Rocky Express; 3, W Bryant’s Brylee Magic Jnr & Bobby Dazzler. two-wheel.— 1, C Fountain’s Pontardawe Brenin; 2, G Docking’s Trixies Duchess; 3, C Rowe’s Commonfield Joby. private driving over 13.2hh.— 1, M & L Edmond’s Maylands Magpie; 2, B Alexander’s trandem of Gelderlanders; 3, L Mackenzie’s Tim. exercise carts four-wheel.— 1, C Brown’s Brynmeillion Flash Gordon; 2, T Annema’s Anke & Jonas ; 3, Stanray Miss Rosalie. two-wheel.— 1, Horseman’s Momentum; 2, Biro’s Lucky Star; 3, M Ingram’s Springmead Aberdare. Welsh cobs in wagons.— 1, A Yates’ Bennetts Castle Thomas; 2, S Watt’s Trixie She’s A Good’un; 3, S Matthew’s Bob. ride & drive (S Wootton).— 1, G Brownrigg’s Leith Maestro; 2, A & E James’ Sunny. young driver.—1, A Lewis’ Hillgarth Ranger (S Walls); 2, E Thompson’s Norris (D Stegeman); 3, Sunny (E James). M&M excl Welsh.— 1, Greenhurst Daytime; 2, Leith Maestro. private driving 13.2hh and under.— 1 & ch, O Fuller’s Trehewyd Brenin Arthur; 2, S Wall’s Hillgarth Ranger; 3, Greenhurst Daytime. Surrey area whip.— 1, J Rall’s Oakhaze McClintok; 2, A Lewis’ Kingsmead Gatekeeper (J Rooney); 3, Greenhurst Daytime. concours d’elegance (Jan Mason).— 1, Trandem of Gelderlanders; 2, M Andrew’s Lager & Brandy; 3, Winmark Archie.

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