BDS South Yorkshire & Nottinghamshire driving results, 5 June

  • Ride and drive (H Noad & J Baggaley).— 1, K Thompson-Dowse’s Willare Lightning; 2 & res sup, L Jones’ Reset Storm Lord; 3, I Townsend’s Rotherwood Mr Bean. two-wheel exercise vehicle.— 1 & ch, G Patrick’s Dildawn Mohawk; 2, J Stretton’s Craignant Satellite; 3, A Finney’s Jackson. four-wheel.— 1, S Braybrook’s Lucifer and Star; 2, A Stubb’s Joe The Cob; 3, J Peel’s Misty Of Kinnards. light trade.— 1, P Thory’s Nice Bloke; 2, A Baldry’s Arthur. best whip.— 1, C Toyne’s Caerodor Thomas; 2, Willare Lightning; 3, L Joughin’s Chablis. concours d’elegance.— 1, N Salter’s Playboy Prince; 2, A Smith’s Loxley Lady; 3, J Dobson’s St Helen’s Monarch. young driver.— 1, O Salter’s Playboy Prince; 2, Chablis; 2, Willare Lightning. open private driving singles over 13.2hh.— 1 & sup, St Helen’s Monarch; 2, Playboy Prince; 3, Loxley Lady. 13.2hh and under.— 1, Reset Storm Lord; 2, Lowmill Jester; 3, H Cox’s Crossfield Y Goran. veteran whip.— 1, Craignant Satellite; 2, J Taylor’s Jenkin; 3, Crossfield Y Goran. in-hand driving horse or pony.— 1, C Hobday’s Arthur; 2, J Boyd’s Barvae Diplomat; 3, S Firth’s Twink. horse or pony in long reins.— 1, Barvae Diplomat; 2, J Mackenzie’s Misty Of Kinnards; 3, Twink. private driving M&M.— 1, E Mills Galtres Raffles; 2, S Heathfield’s Lowmill Jester. pleasure driving.— 1, A Finney’s Jackson; 2, Dildawn Mohawk; 3, Rotherwood Mr Bean. nov horse or pony (traditional vehicle).— 1, Loxley Lady; 2, Nice Bloke; 3, L Jones’ Highfield Manor Honeysuckle. (non-traditional).— 1 & ch, C Roberts’ Royston Royal Fanta; 2 & res, M Charlseworth’s La Hilandra; 3, T Ardron’s Moelbentyrch Pedr. country vehicles.— 1, Nice Bloke.

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