BDS Kent private driving results, 15 June

  • BDS KENT Underriver, 15 June
    Welsh mixed.— 1, A Lewis’s Kingmead Gamekeeper (A Winn); 2, M Humphries’s Rhydcledan Glyndwr; 3, A Gallop’s Merioneth Moeson. private driving.— 1 & sup, M Kelly’s Stapleford Enchantment; 2 & res sup, C Green’s Aghaderg Something Different (E Lee); 3, D Peacock’s Cwmmevdwy Sparkling Comet. exercise vehicle.— 1, L Parrish’s Gwavhiall Bobby Joe; 2, V Walker’s Suki; 3, E Hopton’s Stan the Man. light trade.— 1 & res, C Fountain’s Pontadawe Brenin; 2, M Fuller’s Annod Zola; 3, W McDermott’s Tom. jnr whip.— 1, Stapleford Enchantment; 2, O Fuller’s BJ. pairs exercise vehicles.— 1, W Leslie’s Benny and Noris; 2, B Alexander’s Baron and Concord. multiples.— 1, B Alexander’s Baron, Hollands Golden Boy & Concord; 2, J Brown’s Otto, Oscar, Floyd & Steve; 3, J Hartland’s Metz & Menno. gentleman whip.— 1, W Murrell’s Natures Pleasure; 2, Aghaderg Something Different (L Lee). lady whip.— 1, Aghaderg Something Different (E Lee); 2, P Howe’s Priceless; 3, J Hartland’s Star & Metz.

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