BDS East Anglia Area driving results, 20 May 2012

  • In long-reins.– 1, M Fox’s Funway Blue Orchid; 2, H Seymour’s Newydai Blizzard; 3, L Twitchen’s Annandale Charlie Fox. country turnout.– 1, Osborne Refrigerators Ltd’s The Poacher (J Osborne); 2, Mr & Mrs W Binder’s Llanwnda Winston (W Binder); 3, T Mizzi’s Shilstone Rocks Snow Fox. private driving 13.2hh & under non-hackney type.– 1, J Clayden’s Trindod Wildcat (K Cooper); 2, Funway Blue Orchid; 3, Shilstone Rocks Snow Fox. exc 13.2h.– 1 & private driving ch, Mr & Mrs M J Edmonds’ Maylands Magpie (L Edmonds); 2, Mr & Mrs E Elliott’s GWM Duchess Of Monaco (J Elliott); 3, N Winney’s Glanwrnwy Prince Of Wales. pleasure driving 13.2hh & under.– 1 & ch, M Howell’s Gwenllan Gwilym; 2 & res, A P Pearce’s Wildcourt Little Spotlight; 3, A Larner’s Dominic. exc 13.2hh.– 1, B Rogers’ Trixies Bay Train (E Rands); 2, Mid Suffolk DDA’s Barney (M Frere). nov any height.– 1, C Howell’s Sunbeam Little Prince; 2, S Priestley’s Radnor Mango; 3, V Francis’ Steppers Mercedes. single Welsh sec D private driving.– 1, Glanwrnwy Prince Of Wales. do sec A/B/C.– 1, Trindod Wildcat; 2, H Seymour’s Newydai Blizzard. M&M (exc reg Welsh).– 1, Shilstone Rocks Snow Fox; 2, J L Snowdon’s Rex Of Larkrise; 3, G Lister’s Kellars Oyster Royal. young driver 10-14yr.– 1, N Fuller’s Trehewyd Brenin Arthur (A Rowe); 2, S Priestley’s Radnor Mango (L Priestley). light trade 2-wheel.– 1 & res, Osborne Refrigerators Ltd’s The Poacher (J Osborne); 2, Mr & Mrs P Keyte’s Oakmill Llywelyn (K Searle); 3, G Cordery’s Brynmeillion Defiance. 4-wheel.– 1 & ch, C Fountain’s Bookham Lodge Moses (T Fountain); 2, MH Burgess’ Cranfield Park Golden Lady. style & performance traditional.– 1, Smith Bros’ Royal Sunshine (L Smith); 2, R Clifton Brown’s Cream Boy (A Johnson); 3, K Bowling’s Tilly Trotter (J Bowling). non-trad.– 1, P Mills’ Toobie & Dice. open private driving hackney type.– 1 & private driving res, Royal Sunshine; 2, Mr & Mrs Randall’s Teddy Boy (J Randall); 3, J Wenham & J Manning’s Foreward Christine (J Wenham). do multiple.– 1, Toobie & Dice; 2, J Howell’s Aghaderg Stand & Deliver & Brookfield Showtime.

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