13.2hh or under (E Russell).— 1, R Martin’s Halspan Gypsy; 2, E Bosanquet’s Clothie Humbell and Clothie Night Idiot; 3, N McRobbie’s Wind in the Willows. 13.2hh & over.— 1 & ch, A & C Rushton-Green’s Michael (A Rushton-Green); 2, E Steven’s Glenbanchor Somerled; 3, K Pearson-Miller’s JD’s El Dorado. M&M.— 1 & res, J Lammie’s Pentrepoid Callan (J Simpson); 2, R Forgan’s Taffechan Flashman; 3, JD’s El Dorado. young driver.— 1, Pentrepoid Callan (M Wright-Davies); 2, B Goodlad’s Clothie Nightcap. exercise vehicle.— 1, E Bosanquet’s Kinkel Elevator; 2, I Kirkhope’s Braemar Of Mendick; 3, Pentrepoid Callan (M Wright-Davies). light trade.— 1eq, I Kirkhope’s Brynaur Carreg Dafydd & F Stegman’s Beggar & Puzzle. open donkey or mule.— 1, C Armet’s Baxter. donkey or mule cones.— 1, Baxter. speed cones.— 1, Kinkel Elevator; 2, Michael; 3, J Simpson’s Tiffy (L Lyle). novelty cones.— 1, E Bosanquet’s Clothie Flyn; 2, Tiffy (J Simpson); 3, Halspan Gypsy.