Who’s representing Ireland in April

  • The Equestrian Federation of Ireland has announced that the following riders will be representing their country at international events in April.

    Compiegne CSI-C (France 20-22 April 2001)

  • Dermott Lennon (Garronturton Lady, Liscalgot and Gamin de la Tour)

  • Cian O’Connor with Normandy, Waterford Crystal and Casper, Edward Doyle (Cor D’Alme Z, Kentucky and Lavey Strand)

  • Robert Power (Claydons Pheonix, Honnie and Gypsy de Bacon).

    Parabiago CSI-C (Italy 20-22 April 2001)

  • Harry Marshall (Cruiseline, Exander, Dado di Ravel)

  • Conor Swail (Windgates Cruise West, Windgates Mystique and Windgates Mystery)

  • Kristopher Marshall (Copper Candy)

  • Edy Dermody (Zucchero X and Diamond Filliot)

  • Mark Ash (Silvano vanTexelbos, Night Lux and Irelander)

    Modena CSI-A (Italy 28 April -1 May 2001)

  • Harry Marshall (Irelander,Splendido, Exander and Silvano van Texelbos)

  • Conor Swail (Windgates Cruise West, Windgates Mystique, Windgates Mystery and Windgates Paragon)

  • Cian O’Connor (Normandy, Waterford Crystal and Casper)

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