SCOPE FESTIVAL Stafford, 28 August-2 September

Scope Blue Riband qual1, It’s A Snip (D Morton); 2, Fritz Luke (J Helm); 3, Flash Harry (G Turner). Stable Express 1.25m qual1, Voodoo Man (S Hedges); 2, It’s Chico (P Murphy); 3, Red Salutation (D Morton). Mr & Mrs Shephard 1.35m qual1, Captain Wellington (A Davies); 2, Euphoria USA (G Cranton); 3, Miss Sante (D Inglis). Equiport 5-y-o qual 1, Lexicon (S Gee); 2, Cushty (J Renwick); 3, Charming Touch (P Cornish).B&C qual1, Culinane Diamond (A Hamilton); 2, Red Salutation; 3, Lanson (E Brook). Snowflake 4-y-o qual 1, Lanique (S Davies); 2, Corona (T Priest); 3, Primeur (S Davies). Stable Express 1.15m qual 1, King Murphy (G Burchmore); 2, Classic Queen (A Thompson); 3, Thornavons Microlite (N Tinworth). 1.15m 1, Lois Lane (V Bevan); 2, Stable Express Sunorra’s Son (S Mogenson); 3, Leona (P Kelly). Ballaseyr YR open 1, Temple Navigator (J Russell); 2, Granada (L Williams); 3, Bally Rose (J Daly). 138cm qual 1, Fieldens Tamarind (P Neill); 2, Little Bobby (H Arnold); 3, Willow Park Riff Raff (J Newnham). Cats & Pipes Pairs qual 1, Hi Pal (C Williams); 2, Enchanted Princess (S Pountain); 3, Riaan (K Williard). Courtenay Group 128cm qual 1, Bowes Springbock (T Whitaker); 2, Duncrynes Jungle Bunny (J Ward); 3, Ultimate Challenge (J Harland). jnr progressive qual 1, Only Katie (D Kenny); 2, New York Blues (L Pavitt); 3, Caspers Revenge (P A Blosse). Riverside Air Conditioning Star of the Future qual 1, FI Lucky Lips (A Brown); 2, Woodentop Valentine (E Portas); 3, It’s Dream Girl (J Billington). Golden Bear Tiny Tots qual 1, Dourough Pebbles (L Gee); 2, Shredder (M Sampson); 3, Proud Flyer (J Whittaker). Killoran 6/7-y-o 1, Croft Latifia (J Garton Pope); 2, Mauritius (L Williams); 3, Houpy Du Torte (N Phillips). Riverside Air Conditioning Star of the Future ch 1, Virtual Village Frederick (J Billington); 2, Ferndale Cock AHoop (S Gardner); 3, Catch A Cold (G Walker). Mr & Mrs A Shephard Ladies’ ch 1, Cosmic Lady (L Murphy); 2, Puerto Rico (T Newman); 3, Debutante (L Edgar). gentlemen’s ch 1, Miss Sante; 2, Captain Wellington; 3, Virtual Village Steps Helsinki (J Whitaker). Stable Express 1.15m qual 1, Dovecote Jilly (M Cowan); 2, Magic Man (S Aston); 3, Labito (M Daniels). Cats & Pipes Pairs qual 1, Pop Socks (S Gill); 2, Handels Oriodante (C Richardson); 3, Beez Neez (E Shaw). Courtenay Group 128cm qual 1, Corra Lass (C Mowbray); 2, Duncrynes Jungle Bunny; 3, Midnight Dynamite (H Haig). Stable Express 1.15m qual 1, Pimpernel (S Morgenson); 2, Provincial Broker (J Daly); 3, Oriental Roulette (G Dimmock). 138cm qual1, Ballyclough Brisco (D Kenny); 2, Bowes Charlie Brown (L Hutt); 3, Guiness Special (J Kirk). DMS Sport Horses 1m qual 1, The Auctioneer (A Hamilton); 2, Lunar Eclipse (N Pritchard); 3, Solthbrooke Springtime (J Reed-Stephenson). B&C qual 1, Rinaldo (A Lewis); 2, Blue Chip Quinton (P Barker); 3, Medeo R (A Davies). Equiport 5-y-o qual 1, Ipanema (S Davies); 2, Opportunity B (H Turrell); 3, Radiant C (J Mincher). Credit & Business Services Jnr Starspotters qual 1, Desert Queen (S Upton); 2, The Goose (M Gale); 3, Up and Coming (G Plumley). jnr novice qual 1 , Black Fancy (D Hughes); 2, Applejax Solitaire (D Smith); 3, Playmate Buzz (J Swambow). Ballaseyr YR qual 1, Zerro (J Russell); 2, Brilliant (R Willis); 3, Francesco Di Giorgio (R Whitaker). Snowflake 4-y-o qual 1, Jalisco De Brummes (D Quigley); 2 & 3, Primeur & Puidam (S Davies). Courtenay Group 128cm ch1, Duncrynes Jungle Bunny; 2, Miss Nancy (O Griffiths); 3, Metric (G Horsley). 138cm ch 1, Mystic Starlight Express (W Whittaker); 2, Alpine Jet (L Thomson); 3, Celtic Wysteria (J Shackleton). Snowflake 5-y-o ch 1, Diamond Dennis (G Burchmore); 2, Olona (B Dunning); 3, Kings Temple (P Murphy). D Hopkinson Ltd Grade C ch 1, It’s Magic Max (K Shore); 2, Monsignor (G Turner); 3, Gitan D’Inconville (M Watson). grade B ch 1, Celine (M Edgar); 2, Karina (M McCourt); 3, Princess Jade (C Collins). Stable Express 1.15m ch 1, Apple Pip Jack (J Russell); 2, Cuddly Coachman (S Pountain); 3, Lois Lane. Ballaseyr YR ch 1, Touch Wood (V Jefferies); 2, Arko (R Whitaker); 3, Granada (L Williams). jnr select qual 1, Patience; 2, Foxlynch Nice & Easy (K Butchart); 3, New York Blues (L Pavitt). DMS Sport Horses Adventurer qual 1, One In A Million ( D Barraclough); 2, Star Of Fortuna (R Pearson). DMS Novice qual 1, Vyrnwy Clover (S Stokes); 2, The Auctioneer; 3, It’s Mister Mischief (S Jones). Blue Riband qual 1, Sky High Opposition (M Farmer);2, Kelly De La Roche (P Spivey); 3, Croft Loretta (M Marsh). jnr progressive qual 1, Herbies Way (J Bullock); 2, Lucky Foxy Lady (T Waldron); 3, Girl’s Knight (P Howard). jnr adventurer qual 1, Culverstone Candy Twist (J Bosley); 2, Girl’s Knight (P Howard); 3, Desert Secret (S Upton). Whittaker Coach Builders Snr Grand Prix qual 1 & 2, Attorney General & Barrister (D Austin); 3, Keltic Fantasy (I Wright). Stable Express 1.25m qual 1, Vinnie (A Lewis); 2, Night Shadow (C Metcalf); 3, Count Bellair (V Jefferies). Credit & Business Services Jnr Starspotters qual 1, Desert Queen; 2, Crocodile Dundee (G Plumley); 3, Holywell Humble Pie (K Shaw). 1.35m qual 1, Brookend Fuehrer (J Renwick); 2, Blue Chip Quinton; 3, Stable Express Barry Bug (G Glazzard). jnr progressive ch 1, New York Blues; 2, Applejax Solitaire; 3, Top Line Lad (R Prater). Ballaseyr YR B&C ch 1, Mauritius; 2, Meruna (E Rust); 3, Great Love (E Whitaker). Blue Riband 1.20m ch 1, Oneida Alleycat (A Davies); 2, Niagra B (D Morton); 3, Carlsson (G Billington). pair challenge 1, Pimpernel (S Mogenson) & Stable Express Sunorra’s Son (D Morton); 2, Rhetoric (M Farmer) & Calle Carlsson (D Inglis); 3, Beez Neez & It’s Cool (P Barker). Dunglenn 148cm qual 1, New York Spritzer (L Pavitt); 2, Batman (L Whitehouse); 3, Miami Bound (E Whitaker). Stable Express 1.25m qual 1, Brookend Fuhrer; 2, Panama Franco (A O’Neill); 3, It’s Chico (P Murphy). Golden Bear Tiny Tots qual 1, Proud Flyer (J Whittaker); 2, Sligo Lucky (D Neilson); 3, Loughnatousa Star (S Lithgow). Smith of Whiteinch Primary qual 1, Mystic Starlight Express; 2, Fieldens Tamarind; 3, Ballyclough Brisco. jnr adventurer qual 1, Only Katie; 2, Scarlet Adventure (C Saunders); 3, Orlando King (C Neath). 6/7-y-o qual 1, Mercurius (L Murphy); 2, Senator Marius Claudius (R Smith); 3, It’s Mine ( D Morton). jnr novice ch 1, Top Line Lad; 2, Playmate Buzz; 3, Cloud Number Nine (B Moult). jnr select ch 1, Zeemax ( S Martin); 2, Spottie Dot Com (S Broome); 3, Kahola Maestro (H Paul). jnr adventurer ch 1, New York Blues; 2, Orlando King; 3, Birchgrove Lad (R Prater). jnr starspotters ch 1, Floating Change (B Penny); 2, Red Of Haynes (V Pepper); 3, Zeemax. Golden Bear Tiny Tots ch 1, Spring Disney (J Whittaker); 2, Cappagh Misty (P Allen); 3, Coco Can (J Thompson). DMS Sporthorse Novice ch 1, Jazzed Up (E J Slater); 2, The Auctioneer; 3, Lickle Ted (A Millin). Whittaker Coach Builders Senior Grand Prix 1, Attorney General; 2, Hargates Cavalier (A Hunter); 3, Milette (P Crann). 6-y-o ch 1, Ashdale Futuro (D Quigley); 2, Stainsby Sponeck (J Tanfield); 3, Northern Magic B (P Murphy).Stable Express 1.25m ch 1, What A Business (A Trickett); 2 Celine; 3, Mister Woppit (A Davies). Smith of Whiteinch Primary 138cm qual 1, Beechway Delight (L Fitch); 2, Cappagh Misty (J Reveley); 3, Mill Road Rusty (P Sims). Dunglenn 148cm qual 1, New York Spritzer; 2, Colton Maelstrom (M Beaumont); 3, Another Dollar (G Paternoster). DMS Adventurer qual 1, One In A Million (D Barraclough); 2, Jazzed Up; 3, Kia Royale (H Lea). jnr novice consolation 1, My Savoir Faire (S Gilsenan); 2, Little Powerhouse (E Denton); 3, Lawley Shady Lady (L Thomas). jnr progressive consolation 1, My Teddy Bear (K Tudge); 2, Shipleys Lad (H Howsam); 3, Royal Mint (M Adams). jnr adventurer consolation 1, Maxton Hijack (R Prater); 2, Hells Angel (T Hutchins); 3, Miss Abi (S Jefferies). 4/5-y-o consolation 1, Forever Grace (J Moult); 2, Orky (K Jackaman); 3, Croft First Impression (M Marsh). grade C consolation 1, Roena (P Kelly); 2, Delta (P Miller); 3, Gravure De La Mare (P Barker). Smith of Whiteinch Primary 128cm ch 1, WSP Oh Boy (O Griffiths); 2, Magic Shadow (O Hilliard); 3, Corralass. 138cm Primary ch 1, Beechways Delight; 2, Spirit Of Bodecia (J Reveley); 3, Glencoes Trick Or Treat (K Haines). 7-y-o ch 1, Arko ; 2, Mauritius; 3, Chain Reaction (D Morton). Mr & Mrs A Shephard 1.35m Grand Prix 1, Red Wharf Clover Light (S Gee); 2, Joy Ride (G Billington); 3, Senator Hennessey (R Smith). Cats & Pipes Alternative Grand Prix1, Pop Socks; 2, Larius (G Dickens); 3, Milton Nervenfee (S Cawkwell). 1.35m consolation 1, Show Girl (V Young); 2, Maritime Boy (A Clutterbuck); 3, Gold Horizon (A Lewis). primary consolation 1, Wickenstone Fantasy (S Butchart); 2, Dawn Flame (E Davies); 3, Spingleigh Switched On (D Prater). tiny tots consolation 1, Hollyoaks (D Willett); 2, Another Chance (N Dingwall); 3, Tommy Tee (A Tate). novice-adventurer consolation 1, Flatt Jack (K Brown); 2, Viceroy (C Foreman); 3, Slim Shady (E J Slater). Snowflake 4-y-o ch 1, Corona (T Priest); 2, Angeleque (K Ashe); 3, Lanique (S Davies). jnr novice consolation 1, It’s Sky (P Neill); 2, Little Irish Frost (R Walker); 3, Fizz Pop Bang (S French). jnr select consolation 1, EMR Cateto (K Neath); 2, Short Step (Z Phillips); 3, Crystal Storm (A Bravington). starspotters consolation 1, Short Step; 2, Prize Lady (P Howard); 3, Scotts Gambler (S Strawson). Dunglenn 148 ch 1, Miami Bound; 2, New York Spritzer; 3, Loobeen Shamrock (K Shaw). DMS Sport Horse Adventurer ch 1, Brugel (A Trickett); 2, Thor (C Shore); 3, Celtic Cracker (R Bottomley).