Pat Priestman dies at Knebworth showground

Showjumping enthusiast Pat Priestman died suddenly earlier today, Tuesday 29 May – on the morning of a show she organised.

Pat Priestman, 62, suffered a heart attack on the showground at Knebworth Park and could not be revived despite the efforts of paramedics.

Friend and colleague Gillian Brown told H&H: “Pat was getting ready for the junior affiliated competition at about 8:30 this morning when she had the attack.”

She added: “Pat would do anything for anybody. She will be sadly missed.”

The registrar of judges for the British Show Jumping Association (BSJA), John Doney, told H&H: “She was a wonderful person who did so much for our sport”.

Ms Priestman ran the shows at Knebworth Show Jumping and Dressage Club for 42 years. She also ran a horse rug washing and reproofing business, and used to run a riding school. Her colourful past included working as a kissagram, and she had even featured on page 3 of The Sun newspaper.

“She was a fun person with fingers in every pie,” said Ms Brown. “She was even a roadie for a local singer!”

Ms Brown said that the unaffiliated showjumping competitions would continue to run at Knebworth Park this season.

She also said there were plans for a “memorial shindig” for Ms Priestman after the 9 September show. “Pat loved a party!” she said.

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