New Forest and Hampshire County show jumping results

  • NEW FOREST AND HAMPSHIRE COUNTY Brockenhurst, Hants, 24 – 26 July
    7-fence challenge— 1, Lavalla II (M Armstrong); 2eq, Quidam (G Williams) & Hollywood (C Nicol). Renault Jump— 1, Murka’s Johnny Jumper (P Charles); 2, Laura’s Choice (T Fletcher); 3, Larichter (B Wilmer). Hampshire Stakes— 1 & 2, Cevin Z & Cortaflex Billy Birr (W Funnell); 3, Golden Spike (S Tobin). IT— 1, Promised Land (T Fletcher); 2, Skip Two Ramiro (G Williams); 3, Quidam. accumulator— 1, Yabbadabbado (T Page); 2, Murka’s Idle Dice (P Charles); 3, Promised Land.

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