Nasty falls for Tim Stockdale and Denis Lynch

  • This weekend Tim Stockdale and Denis Lynch both demonstrated that even top riders are not immune to that old saying: “Horses are great levellers”.

    After winning the La Baule Derby with Night Train, Denis was enjoying his lap of honour, having removed his hat to salute the crowd, when he parted company with his winning ride.

    As hat, horse and rider scattered in opposite directions, Denis plummeted head-first into an ornamental wheelbarrow. He was attended to by medics at the show before being taken to hospital.

    “I’ve fractured my ribs and I’ve got stitches in my head and elbow,” Denis told H&H today. “He veered left and, because he’s only 15hh, there was nowhere for me to go except down!”

    Meanwhile at Royal Windsor Horse Show, Tim Stockdale was enjoying a great ride on Fresh Direct K2 in the Six Bar when, having cleared the final fence, he lost his balance and crashed to the floor.

    Ever the professional, Tim was quickly back on his feet and waving to the crowd, although he did admit to having a headache when interviewed afterwards. And luckily, he still won the class, as he had passed through the finish before he fell off.

    “I’m glad to have got my first fall since my accident over with,” he said.

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