Great Britain triumphant in Nations Cup

  • Great Britain secured victory in the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup in St Gallen, Switzerland last Friday (30 May) after a thrilling tussle with Spain.

    The squad of Robert Whitaker (Catwalk IV), Guy Williams (Zaire), Dan Neilson (Varo M) and Guy Williams (Zaire) held their nerve and produced some classy performances to finish 1 penalty ahead in a tough competition where time-faults proved hugely influential.

    To say we are delighted would be an understatement,” said performance manager Rob Hoekstra. “As a non-point scoring leg of the series, we came out with a team of younger horses to give them experience of competing at this level along with some younger riders, who are still very much cutting their teeth on senior teams.”


    1.  Great Britain 3 faults: Varo M (Daniel Neilson) 12/0, Wonder Why (Spencer Roe) 1/1, Catwalk IV (Robert Whitaker) 0/1, Zaire (Guy Williams) 0/9.
    2. Spain 4 faults: Darius (Manuel Fernandez Saro) 1/1, Prunella D’Ariel (Paola Amilibia) 6/5, Rico Revel (Eduardo Alvarez Aznar) 1/1, Zipper (Sergio Moya) 0/0.
    3. Sweden 10 faults: Casello (Douglas Lindelow) 4/4, Titan (Emma Emanuelsson) 5/1, Caral (Niklas Jonsson) 10/0, H&M Sibon (Peder Fredricson) 0/0.
    4.  Switzerland 14 faults: Toulago (Pius Schwizer) 4/0, Castlefield Eclipse (Paul Estermann) 5/8, Pablo de Virton (Jane Richard Philips) 8/0, Nino des Buissonnets (Steve Guerdat) 1/4.
    5. Ukraine 16 faults: Vivant (Cassio Rivetti) 5/0, Charlie (Katharina Offel) 1/0, Chadino (Ferenc Szentirmai) 1/9, K Club Lady (Oleg Krasyuk) 8/9.
    6. Belgium 19 faults: Loro Piana Once de Kreisker (Philippe Le Jeune) 1/9, Cabrio van de Heffinck (Olivier Philippaerts) 1/4, Domino (Jos Verlooy) 5/5, Cortez (Nicola Philippaerts) 4/4.
    7. France 20 faults: Reveur de Hurtebise HDC (Kevin Staut) 8/0, Padock du Plessie HN (Timothee Anciaume) 4/0, Carlitto Van-T Zorgvliet (Anne Sophie Godart) 16/24, Qarat de la Loge (Julien Epaillard) 4/4.
    8. Netherlands 31 faults: Vignet (Johnn Pals) 1/4, Alex (Maureen Bonder) 9/1, Dynamite V Hazelarenhoekje (Jody Van Gerwen) 11/5, Interline H (Robert Vos) 17/8.

    Don’t miss the full report from St Gallen, plus an international round-up in this week’s issue of Horse & Hound magazine (out Thursday, 5 June).

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