Born: 13 July 1949

Lives: Brewood, Staffs

School: Wobaston School, Staffs

Strength: Adaptable

Weakness: I’ve got no patience in traffic jams

Likes: : Good horses with brains

Dislikes: Horses without brains

Hobbies: I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies, but I enjoy watching most sport

Favourite food: Breakfast

Favourite drink: Gin and tonic, and wine

Favourite horses: Penwood Forgemill, he put me on the map; Apollo, who carried it through and It’s The Business, because I had him from a three-year-old and he did everything I asked him to

Favourite holiday: Barbados

Favourite music: Anything modern

Favourite clothes: Quality ones

Hero/heroine: Liz Edgar, because everything she does is classy

Pet hate: Clock watchers

Ambition: NOT to go to the Olympics