Showing results 5 June ’03

BRAMHAM Bramham, Yorks, 5 June

event horse breeding (C le Moignan, Mrs R Morris) b’mare 1 & ch, H Bramley’s Triple Echo; 2, Mr & Mrs W Raper’s Loumic Fantasia; 3, A Blundell’s Vanessa. foal 1, M Traves’ Miss Keenness; 2, S Browne; 3, R Bennett’s Canterbury Times. y’ling 1, C & A Drabble’s Lowmoor Ladys Man; 2, K Bloom’s Miss Valentine; 3, J Moore’s Jemoon Flying Officer. 2-y-o 1 & ch, W & J Moran’s Smart Thinking; 2, S Browne’s Millie On Air; 3, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor St George. 3-y-o 1, V Henson’s Teddy; 2, S Cruickshank’s Rabenowitz; 3, Mr & Mrs G Handley’s Double Edition. R&R Country ridden hunter (Hon Mrs M Holliday, Mrs L Brudenell) l’wt 1 & ch, Monserrat Sport Horses’ Royal Flush;2, C Greenwood’s Oceans Eleven; 3, Mr & Mrs G Gale’s Fergie St George. m’wt 1 & res, W Armstrong’s Super Natural; 2, Lady Kirkham’s Court Marshall; 3, Monserrat Sport Horses’ Robertstown Silver. h’wt 1, S Noble’s The Countryman; 2, STenant’s Master Kilkenny; 3, Monserrat Sport Horses’ Slievenamon Mist. open worker 1, C Greenwood’s Crest Cavalier; 2, S Simmons’ Saddleside Larkhill; 3, K Lyons’ Cool Flo. novice 1, C Bell’s Ferguson; 2, K Bloom & D Bartram’s State Business; 3, P Richmond’s Lady Vital.

ROYAL CORNWALL Wadebridge, 5-7 June

ridden hunter (Lt Col R M MacMahon, R Sharp) 4-y-o 1, Jethro Bloodstock’s Columbus; 2, Mrs S Simpson’s Jazz Band; 3, Mrs C Fox’s Major Decision. regularly hunted 1 & res, Mrs R & Miss C Burrington’s Master Reg; 2, Miss C A Edwards’ Blue Alvin; 3, H Cooper’s Carnival Clown. regularly Cornish hunted 1 & ch, Mrs T Banks’ Tom Thumb; 2, Mrs M Stead’s Brenna; 3, M P Hamilton’s Thunder Road.HOYS sml 1, Miss A Buckingham’s Tally Ho II; 2, Mrs A Southern’s Ashdale Queens Law; 3, H G Laity’s Forest Gump. HOYS l’wt 1, Jethro Bloodstock’s Meynell Tumbler; 2, Mrs B Sweet’s King’s Composition; 3, Mrs E Jenkin’s Sportsnight II. m’wt 1 & ch, Jethro Bloodstock’s Never Will; 2, P J Lobb’s Earls Quest; 3, Mrs W J Gibson & Miss E Gibson’s News Flash. h’wt 1 & res, Mrs W J Gibson & Miss E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, D Milner’s Gambler’s Leap. HOYS ladies’ (Mrs JL Bates) 1, Mrs W J Gibson & Miss E Gibson’s News Flash; 2, Mrs E Jenkin’s Sportsnight II; 3, Mrs L Ball’s Sticky Wicket. HOYS WH (Miss S J Waddilove, Mrs J L Bates) 1, Miss M Hennah’s Le Pointe D’Or; 2, Miss S Hooper’s Gold Blend III; 3, Mrs B Yate’s The Tin Man. working cob (Miss S J Waddilove) 1, Mrs L Anderson’s Roskorwell Benson; 2, Mrs K Franklin’s The Pirateer; 3, Miss L Davey’s No Joke. riding horses (Mrs G McCowan): sml 1 & ch, Miss K Smith’s First Class; 2 & res, P J Lobb’s Gypsy Joan; 3, Miss C Tett’s Suni Rainbows End. lge 1, Miss S A Edwards’ Coppelia; 2, Mrs C M Carter & Miss K Carter’s Garthstone Roulette; 3, Miss S Hayward’s Casino Royale. ridden hacks (Miss S J Waddilove): sml 1 & ch, R J & Mrs Spargo’s Whalton Appassionata; 2, Miss K Saggers’ Audene Blue Disciplin; 3, J G G & Mrs Thomas’ Treveglos Smalltalk. lge 1 & res, Mrs T Lawrence’s Honey Glider; 2, Miss L Prentice’s Spanish Song; 3, Miss S A Edwards’ Cover Girl. cobs (Miss S J Waddilove):l’wt 1 & ch, Jethro Bloodstock’s The Duke; 2, G Warren’s Charlie Hummingtop; 3, Mrs M J Laity’s Huntsman III. h’wt 1 & res, Mrs J M Williamson’s Hobnob; 2, G Warren’s Forester II; 3, Miss L Davey’s No Joke. small hunter in-hand (Mrs E M Lloyd-Williams): y’ling 1 & res, Miss M C Smith’s Fairways Lord Of The Ring; 2, Mrs N Brown’s Military Crisis; 3, Mrs J Bray’s Definitive Gin. 2-y-o 1, Mrs A S Hosegood’s Sunley Affaere; 2, Miss R Penn’sPenwind Raconteur; 3, Miss V Scouller’s Bonheur. 3-y-o 1 & ch, Miss C Imrie’s Tea Dance; 2, Mrs E J Lewis’ Kookaburra; 3, Ms T A Woodham’s Woodland Ash. b’mare 1, M M Scott & Mrs G Dodgson’s Philadelphia; 2, Miss N J Elstow’s Elm Close Clover; 3, Mrs A B Nation’s Rica. foal 1, Mrs A B Nation; 2, Miss N J Elstow; 3, M M Scott & Mrs G Dodgson. hunter in-hand (D Ingle): y’ling colt/gelding 1, H J Hutchins’ Formal Ambassador; 2, Mrs J Thrupp’s Nearly On Time; 3, M Chandler’s Grannace. do filly 1, Miss R Penn’s Freckleton Maxima’s Mandolin; 2, Miss D M James’ Regal Rosina; 3, Mrs J Allen’s Lady Rosie. 2-y-o gelding 1 & res, Mrs S J Jones’ Kings Cadet; 2, D Kellow’s Mr Colman; 3, M Pannell & Miss S Carpenter’s Westcoombe High Profile. do filly 1, A K & Mrs M Pilgrim’s Devil Gone Walkabout; 2, Mrs J Bray’s Sea Breezer; 3, Miss A Webster’s Imagine That. 3-y-o filly/gelding 1, Jethro Bloodstock’s Ardochs Devil’s Button; 2, Mrs B Sweet’s Tregew Lace; 3, D Kellow’s Spring-Jonty. l’wt b’mare 1 & ch, Miss V Scouller’s Aintree Oats; 2, Miss C Wood & Mrs M Boyles’ Amazing Grace V; 3, Mrs E C Stanleick’s Bright Thorne VII. foal 1, Miss V Scouller’s Dacoit; 2, Mrs E C Stanleick; 3, A Clemens & Ms J Carne. h’wt b’mare 1, Mrs D Kendall’s Merely Matilda; 2, Dalcotes Stud’s Noble Road. foal 1, Mrs D Kendall’s Another Waltz; 2, Dalcotes Stud’s Dalcotes Adsett. hunter y’stk produce groups 1, King’s Composer. riding horse b’mare & y’stk (Mrs G McCowan): y’ling 1, Messrs C Upham & S Davey’s Gemini Beach; 2, A K & Mrs M Pilgrim’s Devil At Daybreak; 3, J & Mrs V Parker’s Whirly Heights. 2-y-o 1 & res, Mrs A Roper-Caldbeck’s HolltessVeni Vidi Vici; 2, Mrs A S Hosegood’s White Gates Thingy’s Role; 3, Miss S A Edwards’ Gosford Park. 3-y-o 1 & ch, Mrs A Roper-Caldbeck’s Holltess High Falutin; 2, Mrs H Knight’s Dalcotes Perrazzi. b’mare 1, Mrs C Fox’s Coswarth Native Lady; 2, Messrs C Upham & S Davey’s Irish Breeze; 3, Miss H Askey’s Twinks. foal 1, Miss H Askey’s Stargazer Lily; 2, Messrs C Upham & S Davey; 3, Dalcotes Stud’s Dalcotes Stensby. Grampound Road Challenge Cup for the best Cornwall owner-bred 1, Mrs B Sweet’s King’s Composition; 2, Miss C A Edwards’ Blue Alvin. coloured in-hand (Mrs E M Lloyd-Williams): 1-3-y-o 1, Mrs N Allen’s Lady Abigail; 2, J G G & Mrs Thomas’ Merlin’s Magic; 3, Miss A Webster’s Imagine That. open sml 1 & res, Mrs S Ward’s Hocus Pocus; 2, Mrs J A Chamberlain’s Woodstock VII; 3, Mrs C Starks’ Jacobs Cracker. open lge 1 & ch, Miss J M Budden’s Galaxy II; 2, Mrs M Vining’s Travelling Light; 3, Mrs S Ward’s Arthurian Legend. RIHSridden coloured: up to 153cm 1 & res, Mrs J A Chamberlain’s Woodstock VII; 2, Mrs D Dunscombe’s Solly; 3, Mrs J Shellard’s Rainbow II. open, rider any age 1, Mrs J S Shellard’s Rainbow II; 2, J G G & Mrs Thomas’ South Hill Royal Miss; 3, Miss S Ross’ Indigo. RIHS open exc 153cm rider 15yr & over 1 & ch, Mrs T Kelly’s Brocklesby; 2, Miss J R Lyon’s Lord Percy; 3, Mrs D Willing’s Harlequin Kerryor. in-hand hacks (Mrs J L Bates): y’ling 1 & ch, A & Mrs M Pilgrim’s Devil At Daybreak; 2, Mrs S Cunningham’s Howetown Mazurka; 3, Miss S A Wdwards’ Little Miss Dynamite. sml 2-3-y-o 1 & res, Mrs C Pascoe’s Friday Sun; 2, Mrs R Wright’s Storm Tiger. lge 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs D Williams’ Levant Seraph; 2, Mrs L J Beck’s Harlyn Harry. Arab (Mrs F Hutchinson): y’ling 1 & ch, Mrs V Levanda-Dade’s Ah Aliyyah; 2 & res, V & Mrs Willcock’s Diamante; 3, Ms K McKenzie & J R Owen’s Summers Place Alexander. 2/3-y-o colt/gelding 1, Cmdr & Mrs D J Knight’sZarameer. do filly 1, J M & Mrs Parfit’s R V Velaraya; 2, J S & Mrs Adkins’ Heleika; 3, Mrs M McKenzie’s Dram Fantasy. b’mare 1, Mrs D M Batten’s Allesandro; 2, Ms K McKenzie & J R Owen’s Shanaara; 3, Miss S Cook’s A H Azah. anglo/part-bred (Mrs F Hutchinson): y’ling 1, Mrs A Holmes & Miss J Newbery’s Abbas Pink Champagne; 2, Howetown Mazurka; 3, Mrs C Wonnacott’s Ashford Valley Silk Moth. 2/3-y-o 1, J & Mrs Pascoe’s Mellan Rose Ellen; 2, Mrs J Streeter’s Vlacq Amber Orchid; 3, P J Honey’s Trellech Chantilly Rose. open sml 1, Mrs V Hutchings’ Broadbeech Pin Up; 2, Mrs J Streeter’s Vlacq Alwen; 3, Mrs G Turner’s Rosewall Heaven Sent. lge 1 & ch, Mrs S J Holdaway’s Minoru Chatterbox; 2 & res, Audene Blue Disciplin. ridden Arab (Mrs F Hutchinson): pure-bred open 1, Mrs D M Batten’s Allesandro; 2, Mrs P A Trumper’s Ortanique; 3, Miss P M Lindsay’s Edeon. Anglo/part-bred 1 & ch, Audene Blue Disciplin; 2 & res, Mrs J M Williamson’s Colbeach Sabre; 3, Miss J Newstead’s Okehayes Sunset Boulevard. Appaloosas (Mrs K Pole): in-hand open 1 & ch, Mrs S J Quick & P G Callis’ Rowberton Casanova; 2 & res, Mrs K Hammond’s Rowberton Galaxy; 3, K Giddings’ Rowberton Cinnamon. open 1-3-y-o 1, P & Mrs Halstead’s EBA Ice And A Slice; 2, Miss E Stott’s Militant Mole; 3, Miss A James’ Rowberton Georgina. ridden open 1, Mrs S Dix’s Rowberton Chrysos; 2, Mrs S J Quick & P G Callis’ Sunny Boy. spotted pony (Mrs C Robertshaw): sml 1-3-y-o 1, Mrs V A Jones’ Broomells Sun Up; 2, Miss S E Cave’s Broomells Surfjammer; 3, Mrs D Dunscombe’s Broomells Plum Damson. open sml 1 & res, Mrs L Ahmet’s Softspotted Phillipe; 2, Mrs F Gardner’s Aesthete Tom Thumb; 3, Mrs S K Robinson’s Boxatrix Pied Piper. lge 1-3-y-o 1, Mrs J Mann’s Broomells Dolphins Delight. open lge 1 & ch, Mrs M Bassett’s Broomells Malia. pony breeding (Mrs R K P Rees): b’mare 1, Mrs M F Manning’s Syon Secret; 2, MrsB & N Smith’s Fenwick Lucy Glitters; 3, Mrs C Fox’s Harwoods Jane Eyre. foal 1, Mrs M F Manning’s Haynevalley Sensation; 2, J R & Mrs Wilton’s Cymond Merlin. y’ling 1, S Arrowsmith & Miss J Vowles’ Warleigh Spot On; 2, Miss D Porter’sClonageera Midnight Velvet; 3, Mrs A Holmes & Miss J Newberry’s Abbas Pink Champagne. 2-y-o 1, Mrs B & N Smith’s Fenwick Heaven Sent; 2, Mrs E C Stanleick’s Trevaylor Tailor Maid; 3, L G & Mrs Lake’s Roseview Limited Edition. 3-y-o1 & ch, S Arrowsmith & Miss J Vowles’ Anton Princess Nadia; 2 & res, Mrs A Fowler’s Broadgrove Chatter Box; 3, J & Mrs Pascoe’s Mellan Rose Ellen. Dartmoors (P T Upton): mare 1 & ch, Mrs E Newbolt-Young & Daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Hey Day; 2, Miss M Wallace’s Thornbrook Wilbye; 3, J Jordan’s Moortown May Song. foal1, Mrs E Newbolt-Young & Daughters; 2, J Jordan; 3, Miss M Wallace. stallion/colt 2-y-o1 & res, D Howarth-Podesta’s Trefursdon Nutcracker; 2, J Jordan’s Hisley Cravat; 3, Brewingtons’ Whinberry Black Jack. gelding/filly 2-3-y-o 1, Brewingtons’ Vean Albertine; 2, Mrs D M Alford’s Shelly Annabelle; 3, Miss M Wallace’s Shilstone Rocks Sunshimmer. Shetland (Mrs J H Little): standard mare 1, Mrs E W House’s Bincombe Penelope; 2, J M Walters’ Schivas Amber; 3, BRae’s Samber Spritzer. do y’ling 1, K & Mrs M F Day’s Horningtops Alexander; 2, K & Mrs M F Day’s Hose Eger; 3, Mrs M Vickers’ Zennor Tiger Lily. do 2/3-y-o 1, S & Mrs Rendall’s Hollydell Poseidon; 2, Mrs L S Braddon’s Darklake Pandora; 3, Mrs M Vickers’ Zennor Amethyst. do stallion 1, S & Mrs Rendall;s Harviestoun Pharoah; 2, Mrs M Vickers’ Zennor Onyx. miniature y’ling 1, Mrs N Burt & J L Brendon-Cook’s Treworder Grange Morwenna; 2, Mrs G Kelland’s Onahill Golden Mist; 3, Mrs E V Yaxley’s Donabi Luana. do 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Mrs A Blamey’s Tawna Trooper; 2, Mrs V K Bennett’s Tawna Mr Frizby; 3, Mrs N Burt & J L Brendon-Cook’s Treworder Grange Mabena. do stallion 1 & ch, D A J Hodge & J M Walters’ Kerswell Crusader; 2, Capt P G McGarry & families Little Vic Of Kelly; 3, R A Watton & M Williams’ Fortenham Leroy. do mare/gelding 1, Mrs N Burt & J L Brendon-Cook’s Rexon Shuna; 2, Mrs D Yaxley-Doble’s Birchwood Smallprint; 3, Mrs M J Gillingham’s Mignon Hannah. Welsh sec A (Mrs W Frank): y’ling 1 & ch, S F & Mrs Franklin’s Springbourne Envoy; 2, T Higgs’ Plasderw Marseilles; 3, Mrs J M Wilson’s Ruperra Candy Man. 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs A Cooper’s Crossmoor Magnolia; 2, Mrs J Williams’ Glebedale Savannah; 3, S R & Mrs Bowman’s Dukeshill Kismet. open stallion 1, Mrs Y Small’s Friars Crystal Beam; 2, Mrs I J Ball’s Vinpenny Lance; 3, R A & Mrs Lutey’s Trevarth Alacrity. open barren mare/gelding 1 & res, Mrs J M Johns’ Trefaes Sherry; 2, Mrs R M Brown’s Pantycoed Aladdin; 3, Mrs S Potter & Miss A Deakin’s Blackhill Bethan. sec B (Mrs W Frank): y’ling 1 & ch, Mrs J Sleeman & Mrs S Gay’s Lemonshill Top Note; 2, Mrs A Cook’s Old Mill Majestic Lady; 3, Mrs J Hawkins’ Stockham Nickholai. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Mrs G Mountjoy’s Knivers Meadow Easter Bunny; 2, J & Mrs Carter’s Millcroft Ballerina; 3, Miss M Sewell’s Drakelands Celica. b’mare 1, J & Mrs Carter’s Millcroft Citrine; 2, L G & Mrs Lake’s Pendock Proverb; 3, F C & Mrs Kellow’s Bejowans Celtic Choice. foal 1, L G & Mrs Lake; 2, J & Mrs Carter; 3, Miss S M Rowe. open stallion 1, Miss S Spratley & Mrs E Jarvis’ Stockham Merlyn; 2, Miss N Budd’s Kalevan Amarillo; 3, Miss A Staines’ Dunsford Crown Imperial. open barren mare/gelding 1, C & Mrs Allen’s Kalevan Haley; 2, S T Trevenna’s Colby Starlight; 3, Mrs D Williams; Morvah Morning Cloud.sec C (Mrs P M Owens): y’ling 1, Miss C Granger & G P Mitchell’s Dycott Touch Of Class; 2, Mrs E Maloney’s Menai Lady Centennial; 3, Mrs D E Collinson’s Stradana Tamara. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, J & Mrs Kirk’s Donys Gwrda; 2, Mrs J & Miss V Stephens’ Llanidan Glesni; 3, Peasedown Stud’s Peasedown Betty Boo. b’mare 1, Mrs Y Small’s Erwwastad Catrin. foal 1, Mrs Y Small. open stallion 1 & res, M & Mrs C Morbey’s Aberaeron Idris; 2, Miss C Granger & G P Mitchell;s Felinmor Ringmaster; 3, Miss N McCarfdie & M Ignoe’s Parc Carlo. open barren mare/gelding 1, Mrs A M Douglas’ Belowda Pendragon; 2, Mrs B Rule’s Pumlon Elffyn. sec D (Mrs P M Owens): y’ling 1, E P R & Mrs Davies’ Tregare Lorna; 2, D & ZBuckley’s Haniel Nemasis; 3, D & Mrs Pearses Heolyrhedyn Rhosyn-Y-Mynydd. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, T Higgs Kaydence Adonis; 2, D & Mrs Pearse’s Uphill Victorys Pride; 3, R A & Mrs Lutey’s Seiont Venture. b’mare 1, Mrs C M Green’s Anfil Vidal. foal 1, Mrs C M Green. open stallion 1, D & Z Buckley’s Thorneyside Predator; 2, D & Mrs Pearse’s Heolyrhedyn Victory; 3, J R & Mrs Payne’s Haighmoor Harry. open barren mare/gelding 1 & res, D & Z Buckley’s Trevallion Gemma; 2, Mrs H Lomas’ Herndreforgan Railway Queen; 3, J R & Mrs Payne’s Hywi Red Rose. New Forest (Mrs J Woods): open 1 & res, Miss E M Collis’ Dorridge Chancellor; 2, Miss M R Williams & Miss I Nash’s Fritham Topper; 3, Miss L Booth & Mrs J R Whitham’sWoodrow Portman. 1-3-y-o 1 & ch, Reid & Parkinson’s Furzley Magician; 2, Mrs L A Booth & Miss L E Booth’s Hurtstock Bright Light; 3, M Pannell & Miss S Carpenter’s Willoway Lord Of The Rings. Exmoor (Mrs B J Westcott): open 1 & ch, Miss M R Williams & Miss I Nash’s Knightoncombe Goldfinch; 2 & res, Mrs J E Smith’s Narnia; 3, Mrs S Crawford’s Dunkery Titmouse. 1-3-y-o 1, Mrs D Luckhurst’s Crowan; 2, Mrs S Crawford’s Cowbridge Millstream; 3, Mrs J M Ablett & Mrs G M Langdon’s Tawbitts Damsel. Highland (Miss C M Richards): open 1 & ch, S W & Mrs J E Bridges’ Clandon Outragious; 2 & res, The Queen’s Balmoral Jingle; 3, Miss M Smith’s Lyncrests Rhonda Lass. 1-3-y-o 1, Mrs C Frayne’s Valerock Sweet Sorrell; 2, Miss A King’s Woodmills Queen of the May. Connemara (Mrs J Wood): open 1, Miss S M Rowe Mrs J D Scott’s Gatcombe Ceri; 2, Miss K Dovey & A Humble’s Grayswood Village Echo; 3, Mrs K Berwick’s Ventura Shining Saphire. 1-3-y-o 1, MrsG Vincent’s Gew Trogon; 2, Mrs S Wills Connerton Earl Grey; 3, Mrs D L Harvey’s Trewithian Parc Hawthorn. Dales (Miss S K Lawson): open 1 & ch, Mrs L Ahmet’s Dartdale Bobbie. Fell (Miss S K Lawson): open 1 & res, Mrs E Hitch’s Rundales Englebert; 2, Mrs A Devonshire’s Limeguards Tamarisk; 3, Mrs S Williamson & Miss G Taylor’s Llancloudy Morava. 1-3-y-o 1 & ch, Mrs A Norman’s Midtown Moment Of Madness; 2, Mrs B C Hall’s Tredellans Danny Boy; 3, Mrs A Norman’s Hardendale Ranger. Cuddy Supreme In-Hand ch 1, Lemonshill Top Note; res, Donys Gwrda; 3, Devil At Daybreak. Royal Lancs Red Rose In-Hand ch 1, Lemonshill Top Note; res, Donys Gwrda; 3, Devil At Daybreak. Queen’s Cup Never Will; res, Audene Blue Disciplin. Simpson Refractories . M&M (Mrs J Woods, Miss S K Lawson): Dales, Fell & Highland open 1, D Bright’s McCloud Of Inverdarrach; 2, Miss N McCardle & M Igoe’s Oakcroft Talisker; 3, Miss J S Vosper’s Dartdale Charlotte. New Forest & Connemara 1 & ch, Mrs T Wallis’ Tyan Tudor Prince; 2, Miss K Dovey & A Humble’s Grayswood Village Echo; 3, Mrs L Baker’s Glencarrig Donna. Dartmoor, Exmoor & Shetland 1, Miss J Newbery’s Drumphin Silver Wind; 2, Hon Mrs J Price’s Tawbitts Mystic Maggie; 3, Mrs C Ward’s Uppacott D’yquem. sec A&B 1 & res, D Bright’s Cwmbachstel Dion; 2, Miss C Jenkins’ Kiltinane Toffee; 3, L G & Mrs Lake’s Seaholm Dusk. sec C&D 1, Mrs S A Davis’ Dulas Deryn Du Coeswyn; 2, Mrs D Freeman Jones’ Ross Silver Sails; 3, Peasedown Stud’s Galtres Generous. RP (Mrs R K P Rees): BSPS 128cm 1 & res, Mrs N Thompson’s Holltess Michaelmas Daisy; 2, Mrs C Masters’ Bluegate Punchline; 3, Mrs A Hawken’s Abington’s Reagal Beagle. 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs J M Williamson’s Tyrudulais Miss Marple; 2, Mrs T Parker’s Newoak Last Fantasy; 3, Mr and Mrs J Stokes’ Overdale Vanity Faire. 148cm 1, Miss S J Newstead’s Okehayes Sunset Boulvevard; 2, Miss J Allsopp’s Seawind’s Votecatcher; 3, Ms A Frazier’s Warleigh Swan Song. LR (Mrs P J Williams) 1 & ch, Mrs K Whitell’s Dilly Daydream; 2 & res, Mrs E A Crew’s Fromesway Fizzy Pop; 3, Mrs E A Crew’s Courtway Promise. SHP LR 1, Miss S Gould’s Twylands Paean; 2, J G & Mrs Berridge’s Rookery Hailstone; 3, Mrs R M Brown’s Loxwell Sonny Jim. FR 1, Mrs H Taylor’s Millcroft Kitkat; 2, Mrs S Goodman’s Harwel Sequin; 3, Mrs R M Brown’s Toya Tortella. HOYS ridden M&M (Miss J V Richards): LR 1 & ch, K J Roberts’ Colne Tantivy; 2, S Arrowsmith & Miss J Vowles’ Idyllic Mon Ami; 3, Mrs S J George’s Twyford Maelgwyn. FR 1 & res, Mrs S Woyka’s Treowen Rhian; 2, J & Mrs Stokes’ Rhydspence Renown; 3, Ms A Frazier’s Shilstone Rocks Pinotage. SHP (Mrs P J Williams): 122cm 1 & ch, D C Mitchell’s Arf-A-Bob; 2, Miss S Gould’s Twylands Paean; 3, Mrs D A Brown’s Bracon Moonflight. 133cm 1, Mrs C Ward’s Erimus Talk Of The North; 2, Mrs C Masters’ Bluegate Punchline; 3, Mrs C A Andrews’ Dingford Royal Rebel. 143cm 1 & res, Miss P Martin’s Chinook Lord Of The Dance; 2, Mrs J Culley’s Trewithian Fern. 153cm 1, Miss V Stanleick’s Simply Magic; 2, Mrs M Schwarz’s Golden Wonder II; 3, G & Mrs Semmens’ Hope. WHP (Mrs K Pole, Mrs C Robertshaw): 133cm 1, Mrs C Rowcliffe’s Wilmor Mr Bizzie; 2 & res, Mrs J S Shellard’s Picketspride Mini Mouse; 3, Mrs N Thompson’s Spinningdale Sienna. 143cm 1, Mrs E A Crew’s Seasons Hy-Charm; 2, M Pannell & Miss S Carpenter’s Herr Varagnal; 3, Mrs W Searle’s Bureside Bowyers Son. 153cm 1 & ch, Mrs I A Wotton’s Mathew Mead; 2, Ms A Frazier’s Lisdoo Boy; 3, Mrs E Haris’ Godolphin Harvester. miniature (Mrs K Pole): y’ling 1, Mrs E V Yaxley’s Culm Valley RoseMist; 2, D A J Hodge & J M Walters’ Dragonslair Voodoo Queen; 3, Mrs J & Miss K Richards’ Birchwood UK Flying Colours. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Mrs J Barnett-Deakin’s Kilcummer Crackerjack; 2 & res, Mrs V A Jones’ Broomells Sun Up; 3, Mrs J Barnett-Deakin’s Kilcummer Melody. open 1, Mrs J & Miss K Richards’ La Vista Brilliant Remark; 2, Mrs W Edgar’s Toyhorse Bermuda Triangle; 3, Mrs F Gardner’s Aesthete Tom Thumb. working/show harness (H J Callwood) heavy 1, M W Elford’s Captain;2, B & Mrs N Willis’ Medstead Royale; 3, Mrs J G Trevarthen’s Ruskington Sadie. turnout, farm or trade open 1, J C Eddy’s Trenuggo Rhapsody; 2, Mr & Mrs O’Hanlon’s Dowgas Bob; 3, Ms L Clemo’s Byron. heavy horses (H J Callwood): open 1, Mr R L Sandling’s Trelow Isadora; 2, Mrs D James’ Heathfield Redwing; 3, B & Mrs N Willis’ Medstead Corylus Avelana. yearling 2/3-y-o 1, A Lawrence’s Medstead Trader. non-registered open 1, E Dunstan’s Penponds Colin; 2, B & Mrs NWillis’ Medstead Royale; 3, J C Eddy’s Trenuggo Gem. Stephens & Scown coaching marathon 1, Household Cavalry; 2, Messrs Elliott, Broadbent, Gynns & Owens; 3, A J & Mrs Seller. HOYS Francis Clark driving (B Blundell): open 138cm 1 & res, M J & Mrs Edmonds’ Synod Guard; 2, Miss J Thomas Carriage Horses’ Thorneyside The Foreman; 3, Mrs M Alford’s Cairngorm Starlight Sonny Boy. open over 138cm 1, J E Emery’s Calerux Boneddwr; 2, Mrs O Warren-Gibson’s Ocean Cascade; 3, Miss RFolland’s Glasdale Topper. open Hackney type 1 & ch, Osborne Refrigerators’ Tenderfield Black Shadow; 2, J Taylor’s Bennettes Castle Lexus; 3, Mrs S Jordan’s Semley Supreme. open Cornwall resident 1, D C & Mrs Selby’s Brookfield DarkSecret; 2, D C & Mrs Selby’s Poldue Dominic; 3, J T F Lemin’s Grants Tourchlight. light trade turnout 1, Mrs H M Noad & N J Baker’s Titan Summer Storm; 2, G Williamson’s Uphill Maerhog Ddu. jnr whip 1, B G & Miss T A Ball’s CastellcoedStevan; 2, Miss M Vyse’s Glenshane Play Boy; 3, Miss R Moris’ Flash. concours d’elegance (Mrs J Coode) 1, D & Mrs Scott’s Osbourn Dollar; 2, Thorneyside The Foreman; 3, Mrs E Gill’s Sunbeam Fantasia.

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