North of England Summer Pony showing results

  • NORTH OF ENGLAND SUMMER PONY Osbaldeston EC, Lancs, 14 July

    SP (Mrs A Barton, Mr P Wilson) LR— 1 & res, K Carter’s Chagford Lewis; 2, C Cochran’s Kenilwood Music Boy; 3, H O’Neill’s Rocksgreen Cold Mountain. FR— 1 & ch, Thomas & Richardson’s Fofsway Flutter; 2, D Walder’s Wentward Quality Quest; 3, J Kitson’s Barkway Chorister. 128cm— 1, A Georgakis’s Parkhill First Edition; 2, L Curry’s Kenilwood Windsong; 3, M Mackay’s Warleigh Rosetta. 138cm— 1 & res, L Edwards’s Stanley Grange Revelation; 2, I Welby’s Ainthorpe Countess; 3, M Stanford’s Touch Of Mischief. 148cm— 1 & ch, D Thomas’s Crafton Touch Of Gold; 2, C Murray’s Broteifi Pillow Talk; 3, C Thompson’s Roseberry Highland Fling. McDonald Supreme Mini— 1, P Emmerson’s Fairmarsh Black Magic; 2, P Starkie’s Waxwing Paintbox; 3, Chagford Lewis. SHP (Mr D Hinde, Mr A King) 153cm— 1, C Scholes’s Westwood Vireinia; 2, K Campbell’s Laurent Perrier; 3, C Heaton’s The Parson. 143cm— 1 & ch, G Kapadia’s Rotherwood Maybe; 2, R Walker’s Fleetsmoor Firefly; 3, J Finlow’s Ellenbrook Master Plan. 133cm— 1 & res, P Taylor’s Ronai Mr McCawber; 2, A Georgakis’s Yealand Angelina; 3, L Curry’s Parkhill Playboy. 122cm— 1, R Frank’s Hollybush Trump Card; 2, K Choynowski’s Pebbly Paint Pot; 3, Mrs Cambray’s Rillaton Peter Pan. Leaventhorpe Hall Supreme RP— 1, Roseberry Highland Fling; 2, L Edwards’s Hindleap Choir Boy; 3, D Lacey’s Radway All Talk. int (Miss H Barton & Mr J Bourne) SRT 153cm— 1 & ch, Crafton Touch Of Gold; 2, Radway All Talk; 3, Grierson & Bott’s Whalton Wolf Whistle. 158cm— 1, S Harrison’s The Tempest II; 2, L McMulloch’s Derwent Shadow Play; 3, D Burgin’s Haddon Hurricane. SHT— 1, J Wyslych’s Escarda; 2 & res, A Tweedale’s Diamond Grove; 3, I Bentley’s Private Collection. WHP (Mr P Aldred & Miss C Pearsall) 133cm— 1 & res, M Rodgers’s Parkfield Freddie; 2, R Melling’s Rhode Island Red; 3, S Bebbington’s Rushmoor Sunrise. 143cm— 1, M Sargent’s Twilight Tarragon; 2, T O’Connor’s Pebbly Drawn Order; 3, R Dudgeon’s Caperann Blazer. 153cm— 1 & ch, J Knipe’s All Fired Up; 2, N Schofield’s Johnny Hero; 3, S Weir’s Otto. int— 1, P Keepe’s Carnsdale Top Gun; 2, E Barnes’s Noble Rockstar; 3, M Bowling’s Westwood Red Fox. coloured (Mrs X Barker-Wild & Miss C Hamilton) native/cob/trad 0 horse— 1, K Mathison’s Elijah; 2, V Prescott’s Mis Print; 3, S Samuels’s Just Huff and Puff. pony— 1, K McNeill’s Rock TJ; 2, J McGuinness’s Higher Tongs Honey; 3, K St George-Smith’s Merlin The Magic Maker.

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