New stewards to enforce BSPS rules

  • The British Show Pony Society (BSPS) has appointed a number of “Special Show Stewards” who will be in action at shows throughout the 2003 season to ensure that its rules are enforced and investigate any allegations of infringements on the spot.

    Top show pony producer Nigel Hollings, who was instrumental in establishing the new stewards scheme, says: “Our members need to be confident the society is doing everything possible to ensure fairness both inside and outside the ring. We believe the new stewards are a natural progression towards achieving this.

    “We know we must make showing more accountable and transparent and I am certain we have gone a long way towards achieving this.”

    The BSPS has followed the Arab Horse Society’s lead in introducing the new stewards, who will have the power to disqualify riders from competing at the show where an infringement of the rules took place or to refer the matter to the BSPS disciplinary committee.

    The stewards are: Brian Williams, Les Pole, Frank Gunnell, Janet Connelly, Lt Col Martin Young,Derek Larner, Simon Richardson, Marion Begley, Tim Wiggett, John Gilliver, Alan Oliver and John Hall.

    “The stewards are all well-respected people within the horse world, whose integrity is widely know. It is vital that members have confidencein them if the scheme is to be a success,” says Nigel.

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