Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: lighter mornings, workers and sad farewells

  • March has arrived and suddenly the shows seem to be upon us. Having spent most weekends so far this year trying to avoid going to shows — I couldn’t handle the early cold starts, the snow or trying to get the mud of my ponies — I am now playing catch up.

    Pop is back in from his winter break and looking like he hasn’t wintered out! He seems pleased to be back in and it was lovely to be back on board. His first show is planned for next weekend so fingers crossed he remembers what he has to do.

    Now the mornings have started to get lighter, I am back riding before work and Francis (my Dartmoor, pictured top right) has started on his fitness regime. He did his first worker class on Sunday after very little practice and I was thrilled that he jumped round, just having a pole down when he got a bit tired.

    The course was quite spooky and, having had very little practice over fences all, I was hoping we would get round without being eliminated. I’m pleased to report that we did — even if it was all at trot! I haven’t jumped at a show for a while so it was nice to be doing something quite challenging. I’m looking forward to doing more workers classes with Francis this season — but we both need to get a bit fitter first!

    On a sader note, Sandy (Welsh B) has found himself a new home in bonny Scotland and as I write this I’m getting his stuff ready for depature. I am so sad to see him go and both myself, my Mum and Francis are going to really miss him. I hope Francis isn’t too lonely without him.

    Everytime I think about not seeing his little face again, or getting my morning welcome from him, I can’t help but cry — how people with studs cope I don’t know! However, I know he deserves a lovely home where he can be spoilt rotten and get all the attention he deserves.

    I am so proud of how he has turned out and he has bought me so much fun and enjoyment during the past few years. So I guess it is just left for me to say safe journey Sandy, will miss you lots and lots, and I hope you bring your new owners as much happiness as you gave me.


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