Chloe Chubb’s showing blog

  • Chloe Chubb has been writing about her experience showing and judging while holding down a full-time job in London on the H&H website since March 2010. Follow all the highs and lows of her busy season below.

    Eventful times at P(UK) Winters [9 March, 2011]

    Busy, busy, busy [18 February, 2011]

    Exciting first ride on Pop [4 February, 2011]

    Sandy is a little star [22 January, 2011]

    Farewell 2010, bring on 2011 [31/12/2010]

    Off to pastures new [10/12/2010]

    Saying a sad farewell to Jacob [16/11/2010]

    Jacob stays and riding by torchlight [28/10/2010]

    The day of HOYS finally dawns [15/10/2010]

    HOYS butterflies are fluttering [04/10/2010]

    Looking ahead to HOYS [23/09/2010]

    Making plans for next season [10/09/2010]

    Exciting times at Equifest [25/08/2010]

    Not a RIHS to remember [12/08/2010]

    Wrong canter leads and RIHS prep [29/07/2010]

    Fantastic fun at Kent County [23/07/2010]

    So near and yet so far [16/07/2010]

    Sandy finally makes his show ring debut [09/07/2010]

    Every penny counts [25/06/2010]

    Late nights and early starts [17/06/2010]

    Relaxing at Polo in the Park [09/06/2010]

    Jacob qualifies for HOYS [02/06/2010]

    Feeling hot hot hot, plus a new ride [26/05/2010]

    Royal Windsor is always special [19/05/2010]

    Singing the blues [11/05/2010]

    May Bank Holiday disappointment [05/05/2010]

    Two tickets, no tantrums [30/04/2010]

    Norovirus and hitting the deck [16/04/2010]

    Being given the run around [31/03/2010]

    Meet the team [26/03/2010]

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