British Elite Championships 6-7 September ’03

  • BRITISH ELITE CH’SHIPS Hollingworth Leisure Park, Rochdale, 6-7 September

    family produced show pony (Mr A Mullaney, Mrs P Ash) 148cm 1, S Amor’s Broteifi Pillow Talk; 2 A Mitten’s Sahereca Chat Together; 3, A Hughes’ Basford Sandalwood. 138cm 1, ch & sup, A Windsor’s Westhill Footloose; 2, A Vines’ Sianwood Honeycomb; 3, S Dewhurst’s Nuthurst Whodunnit. 128cm 1 & res, L Stockley’s Chinook Happy Talk; 2, L Walsh’s Beckside Super Trooper; 3, J Walker’s Littlecourt Debonnair. FR 1, C Waldie’s Abba Royal Comet; 2, G Curbishley’s Rumworth Gold Spirit; 3, S Hughes’ Candles Golden Nugget. LR 1 & ch, O Lyall’s Stanley Grange Carmella; 2 & res, N Craggs’ Rowden Small Talk; 3, S Beatham’s Moschatel Spice Forever. family produced SHP (Miss S Emmerson, Miss R Knipe) LR 1 & res, M Hewitt’s Merrydown Caddock; 2, S Beaty’s Leamington Cliquot; 3, P Mallinson’s Glanymor Zac. 133cm 1, Chinook Happy Talk; 2, C Field’s Linksbury Valentino; 3, Littlecourt Debonnair. 143cm 1 & ch, R Yates’ Marshbrook Golden Dawn; 2, C Rowlands’ Reedsmere Starlight Express; 3, S Elphick’s Fleetcroft Portrait. 153cm 1 & res, S Amor’s Burt Miller; 2, Penhill Robertson; 3, S Wheway’s Knowle Sunrise. 122cm 1, Leamington Cliquot; 2, J Baybutt’s Oaklands Minetta; 3, G Hulme’s Starlyte Orinoco. family produced WHP (Mr D Bradley, Mrs G Oakes) CS 1 & ch, Glanymor Zac; 2, J Taylor’s Valebrook First Symphony; 3, N Hughes’ Bengad Wise Crack. NS 1, A Scott’s Robdale Sweet Talking Guy; 2, C Dutton’s Glen Ayre Chaffinch; 3, R Schofield’s Laithehill Ariel. 133cm 1, H Brobin’s Allendale Fair Cameo; 2, S Duffy’s Rossdale Sandpiper; 3, Robdale Sweet Talking Guy. 143cm 1 & res, S Wheway’s Bronhewig Honeybee; 3, J Ainsworth’s Just Trio. 153cm 1 & ch, A Tweedale’s Showtime II; 2, N Schofield’s Johnny Hero; 3, R Teare’s Chinook Lucerne. do int 1, K Phillipson’s Hi Fidelity; 2, R Sergant’s Gretna Gamble; 3, C Watson’s Redbrook Vendredi. intro to BSPS WHP CS/NS 1, M Richardson’s Elfs Valentine; 2, Glanymor Zac; 3, S Harrison’s Bengad Dutch Iris. do mxd ht 1, Showtime II; 2, H Devaney’s Touch Of Spice; 3, V Brooks’ Addington Lucky Coin. do int 1, J Huzzard’s Charismatic Princess; 2, J Kennedy’s Finest Hour; 3, S Boden’s Dun The Business. family produced int (Miss S Emmerson, Miss R Knipe) SHT 1, N Timson’s Rapture; 2, C Cartwright’s St Lawrence Masterpiece; 3, Knowle Sunrise. do SRT lge 1 & res, Hi Fidelity; 2, C Regan’s Honey Bee; 3, N Hemsworth’s Highwell Revenna. do SRT sml 1 & ch, N Timson’s Strinesdale Symphony; 2, E Marshalsay’s Cobybush Quiztime; 3, C Holderness’ Rosslayne Manhattan. intro to BSPS (Mrs A Colles) mxd ht SP 1, Basford Sandalwood; 2, Fleetcroft Portrait; 3, N Marshalsay’s Starlyte Mayfly. do LR/FR 1, S Hughes’ Candles Golden Nugget; 3, T Meredith’s Crabfield Cezanne Bonelli. do LR SHT 1, Glanymor Zac. do int SHT 1 & res, R Matcalf’s Sir Wexford; 2, J Bott’s Silken Breeze; 3, J Pue’s Penhill Robertson. do SRT 1 & ch, E Marshalsay’s Copybush Quiztime; 2, M Day’s Grianagh Kyla; 3, K Parkinson’s Mazarin Blue. do mxd ht SHP 1, F Blin’s Bingham Pageboy; 2, Penhill Robertson; 3, E Greenwood’s Lynwood William. Anglo/part-bred Arab (Miss S Emmerson) 148cm 1, ch & res sup, Chinook Happy Talk; 2, Nuthurst Whodunnit; 3, G Westhead’s Valentinos Royal Touch. exc 148cm 1 & res, Z Whittle’s Rumworth Rambling Spirit; 2, Strinesdale Symphony; 3, H Wood’s First Encounter. RC (Mrs P Dorman) comp horse exc 14.2hh 1, M Day’s Grianagh Kyla; 2, N Foster’s Isolight; 3, S Carden’s Enriteas Promise. do not exc 14.2hh 1 & res, A Stonehouse’s All Systems Go; 2, L May’s Mayfield Sundancer; 3, H Mallinson’s Yateland Jester. do veteran 1, H Boden’s Yealand Paean; 2, Chinook Happy Talk; 3, Stanley Grange Carmella. do part-bred M&M 1 & ch, Chinook Happy Talk; 2, All Systems Go. do young handler 1, S Howarth’s Todwick Bolero. style & perf WHP (Mrs JK Bushell) exc 153cm 1, L Donohue’s Wilamarra; 2, M Holmes’ Cool Dealer. do not exc 158cm 1 & res, L Watson’s Shining Light; 2, Showtime II; 3, A Plavsic’s Msain Stream. exc 133cm 1, J Edmondson’s Whinery Beachboy; 2, L Jones’ Wynnmere Cherino; 3, J Thompson’s Huttons Ambo Gemini. do not exc 133cm 1, A Windsor’s Tynacae Merlyn; 2, S Duffy’s Rossdale Sandpiper; 3, C Horsley’s Lowfold Quidsin. open WHP (Mrs JK Bushell, A Colles) int 1, Gretna Gamble; 2, C Rose’s Harwood Musketeer; 3, Hi Fidelity. 153cm 1, A Smith’s Kite; 2, Harwood Musketeer; 3, J Shaw’s Dartons Red Robin. 143cm 1, M Bowlings’ Woody Bee; 2, C Davies Twilight Paragon; 3, Whinery Beachboy. 133cm 1 & ch, S Dixon’s Stockham Stonechat; 2, E Teare’s Defaelog Rhiannon; 3, Lowfold Quidsin. open SHP (Mr P Aldred, Mr M Bassitt) int 1, H Binks’ Montanna; 2, C Richardson’s Lough Crew; 3, Rapture. 153cm 1, C Watson’s Redbrook Vendredi; 2, J Tyldesley’s Doodle Dandy II; 3, H Binks’ Hamptonne Fair & Square. 143cm 1, ch & res sup, T Shields’ Dale Rowan Drum Major; 2, H Walker’s Pitchwood Playboy; 3, J Dewhurst’s Rdway Chatshow. 133cm 1, Linksbury Valentino; 2, A Windsor’s Tynacae Merlyn; 3, K Hegginbotham’s Nerwyn Endor. 122cm 1, J Walker’s Small-Land Checkmate; 2, L Jones’ Breamish Jiminey. open int (Mrs E Singleton, Mr G Dunkley) lge 1, L Pass’ Troy Master; 2, K Harris’ Starlyte Pageboy; 3, S Cottle’s Petronella Personified. do sml 1 & ch, Strinesdale Symphony; 2, J Stevens’ Kelsborrow Halcyon; 3, V Timperley’s Rosebreeze Moon River. open SP 148cm 1, Ellenbrook Sophistication; 2, E Flather’s Lemington Moondance; 3, Dale Rowan Drum Major. 138cm 1, Nuthurst Whodunnit; 2, S Green’s Knowle Sprucewood; 3, F Beirne’s Ben Neagh Foxy Lady. 128cm 1, ch & sup, Chinook Happy Talk; 2, L Hinton’s Hamptonne Miranda; 3, J Coates’ Highmoor Bellini. LR 1, H Henshall’s Rhoson Dega; 2, L Angus’ Byrons Poetic Dream; 3, N Craggs’ Rowden Small Talk. FR 1 & res, J Walker’s Small-Land Checkmate; 2, Abba Royal Comet. open horse (Mrs G Oakes, Miss S Oakes) RH 1, Z Whittle’s Rumworth Rambling Spirit; 2, Hi Fidelity. hack 1, L Marsden’s Carnsdale Lucky Locket; 2, Strinesdale Symphony. hunter 1 & res, H Grayson’s James Burke; 2, Rapture; 3, Lough Crew. WH lge 1 & ch, K Lyons’ The Barsteward; 2, Lough Crew; 3, Hi Fidelity. do sml 1, Dartons Red Robin; 3, A Holmes’ Cool Dealer. WHP (Mrs JK Bushell, Mrs A Colles) NS 1, G Love’s Ponsbourne Pirate; 2, Hamptonne Miranda; 3, L Rayner’s Tamborough Red Dragon. CS 1, Glanymor Zac; 2, J Gillam’s Mosscarr Legend. do tiny tots 1, Ponsbourne Pirate; 2, Mosscarr Legend. M&M WHP (Mr P Aldred) sml 1, L Jones’ Bunbury Czar; 2, J Keepe’s Gryngallt Playsome; 3, J Shaw’s Hilin Prince David. lge 1, T Robshaw’s Raclog Mia Jess; 2, S Amors’ Grasmere Nutmeg. LR SHT (Mr M Bassitt) 1, Glanymor Zac; 2, S Botham’s Moschatel Spice Forever. ridden M&M (Mr R Avery) lge 1, Raclog Mia Jess; 2, A Bibby’s Finneyhill Brenhines; 3, Grasmere Nutmeg. sml 1, H Horsfall’s Langfield Beverley Hills; 2, M Henderson’s Duntarvie Osprey; 3, A Yates’ Wychenlea Penelope. FR 1, N Rosebury’s Heniarth Quill; 2, A Shenton’s Birtley Birthday Boy; 3, J Safely’s Super Star. LR 1, C Walker’s Drumphin Confetti. veteran (Mrs M Worthington) pre-veteran 1 & ch, A Hutson-Redfearn’s Ingemiscos Tryline; 2, J Guthrie’s Lourds Lady Solitaire; 3, E Holland’s Carlas Court. in-hand not exc 14.2hh 1, Mrs Green’s Dollars Luck; 2, S Butterworth’s Celtic Caprice; 3, S Franks’ White Lightning. exc 14.2hh 1, R Hill’s Gary Owen; 2, J Hayes’ Nero Cavello; 3, N O’Shaughnessy’s Spanish Lace. ridden 14.2hh 1, R Metcalfe’s Highsprings Benjamin; 2, L Jones’ Llwynan Caramel; 3, S Edwards’Master Sandman. do exc 14.2hh 1, J Matthews’ Teeki; 2, Nero Cavello; 3, Spanish Lace. golden veteran 1, Burlington Bouncer; 2, Condie. best rider (Mrs P Bradley) 1, J Tyldesley’s Doodle Dandy II.

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