Cavallo Caja Grip breeches: ‘supportive, comfortable and very stylish’ 8/10

Cavallo Caja Grip breeches


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Welcome to our group test of summer lightweight breeches suitable for busy equestrians. All of the items of clothing in this group test have been thoroughly tested by former eventer turned para dressage rider Tamsin Addison. Find out what she thought below.

Official description

The Cavallo Caja Grip breeches are popular full seat breeches made from lightweight Sofileta softshell material, which means that they are extremely comfortable, breathable and heat regulating, helping to maintain a constant body temperature. The super stretchy material ensures they are ideal for active wear and the Cavagrip technology will help keep you secure in the saddle.

First impressions

My first impressions of the breeches was that the fabric felt comfortable and was suitable for a cooler summer day. The grip on the breeches was placed quite forward on the inside of the legs, which could be a bit of a worry for someone with bigger thighs.

Overview of performance

The overall performance of these breeches was actually surprising; the grip was so supportive it made you feel safe but didn’t restrict any movement. The fabric was comfy, but not ideally suited to a hot day as they were quite thick and weren’t as breathable as well as I had hoped.

Likes and dislikes

I liked the design and how well the grip supported you in the saddle, although I wasn’t a massive fan of the positioning of the grips.


I would definitely recommend these breeches as they are supportive, comfortable and very stylish. But they are on the expensive side.