Woof Wear paddock boots: review

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  • Woof Wear paddock boots


    • Fit:
    • Performance:
    • Style:
    • Value for money:


    • Very comfortable from first wear
    • Good grip both on the ground and in the stirrup
    • Robustly built
    • Appealing design


    • Not very waterproof
    • Not as warm as winter-specific boots


    Woof Wear

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer thought that these boots were of good quality and ideal for wearing while working on the yard and riding

    The Woof Wear paddock boots are a smart and functional piece of kit. They were packaged well and the manufacturing quality is good. I liked the contoured design, and the elasticated panel at the ankle is a nice touch. The zips are sturdy and work well – no sticking or coming undone.

    I wore them for both flatwork and jumping, and they performed well all round, with good grip and a secure feel in the stirrup. For yard work they are extremely comfortable – I could happily stay in them all day – the insole is soft yet feels supportive. The one drawback on the ground was that they weren’t the most waterproof, which I noticed when walking through long wet grass. It was noticeable only in the right boot so I may just have been unlucky with that one.

    After wear

    After wear

    They are possibly not warm enough for the depths of winter, but no less so than any other non-insulated boots.

    The boots came up true to size – those with narrow feet (like me) might find them a little wide, but they are still comfortable and it wasn’t noticeable in use. They fitted well with gaiters of two different other brands (Ariat and Tuffa). At the time of writing they are available only in black, but brown as well would be a good option.

    pre clean


    I wore them frequently for several months before cleaning them for the first time, by which point they were thoroughly covered in mud. They cleaned up well with just a little effort.



    I would definitely recommend the Woof Wear paddock boots as a well-made, comfortable and fit for function pair of riding boots, good both in the saddle and on the ground. They are particularly good for wear in spring to autumn.


    A good pair of yard boots, ideal for wear between spring and autumn due to them not always being fully waterproof

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