New safety halter designed

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  • A new safety halter, which will break if a horse gets caught, has been designed in Denmark.

    The Charlie Safety Halter is made of a light silicone material that is engineered to snap under a certain load to prevent a horse panicking and injuring itself if it becomes stuck.

    Charlies Safety Halter

    Danish breeder Charlotte Hartwig created the product after seeing accidents happen with her own horses.

    “An accident happening to a horse is bad enough, but one that could have been avoided, is even worse,” she said.

    “I’ve been inspired by the many great silicone products that have come on the market for cookware, sports, construction and medicine in the last few years.

    “Everywhere I met the material, I thought to myself: ‘Why isn’t this material used for halters?’

    The halters are currently for sale for €33 EUR (£28)

    For more information please email info@charliessafetyhalter.com

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