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  • ORIGINALLY found in Germany, the HHP Massage System for horses is now available in the UK — and proving a hit with top riders across the disciplines. H&H finds out why the rug is so useful.

    What is it?

    DESIGNED by German vet Dr Bjorn Nolting, the system is integrated into a lightweight rug, featuring 10 massage units positioned close to the main muscle groups along the horse’s back and hind quarters. Different programmes vary the intensity of the massage.

    The system uses quiet massage motors to ensure that it does not feel alien to the horse and is said to increase relaxation before, during and after exercise, reduce muscle pain and tension, stimulate the lymph flow, detox the body, increase transportation of oxygen and assist in regenerating muscles after injury.

    Who uses it?

    DRESSAGE rider Richard Davison says: “I originally came across the rug in Germany and was very impressed with it. I look at every opportunity to help keep my horses physically and mentally healthy.

    “The system is a great tool to assist in warming up prior to training, or a competition — and it is also especially useful when travelling.”

    Tim Stockdale was also converted after seeing the benefits.

    “I was slightly sceptical at first but when we used the system before exercise the horses were definitely more relaxed and softer when ridden,” he says.

    “It also helps to break down the lactic acid after work, helping the horses to recover better.”

    Event rider Sam Jennings and racehorse trainer Nicky Vaughan are now converts too.

    Where can I get one?

    THE system comes with a rechargeable battery and a removable, washable fleece lining.

    Prices start at £1,700 plus VAT.

    Tel: 0800 169 2808 www.hhpsystemsuk.com

    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (8 November, ’07)

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