Endurance turnout for horses

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  • When riding in a pleasure, long-distance or endurance ride under Endurance GB rules horses must wear a recognised bridle with or without a bit. Riders are not allowed to compete in a headcollar or with draw reins.

    Riders may use any type of saddle with numnahs or saddle blankets and girth guards as required. Endurance GB emphasises that it is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that their tack is safe and fits correctly and that their horse is under control throughout the ride.

    Horses may compete with or without shoes, but the feet (and shoes if worn) must be in good condition. Hoof pads are allowed, although hoof boots (Equi-boots, etc) should only be used for emergencies.

    Boots, bandages and other forms of leg protection, including greasing, is acceptable when competing at all levels. Leg protection must be removed prior to any vet checks.

    Tail ribbons can be worn to warn other competitions that a horse is nervous or bad tempered if other horses come too close to their hindquarters (red) or that a horse is young or novice (green).

  • Click here to read about the correct dress for endurance riders.

    For more information about competing in endurance competitions contact Endurance GB (tel: 02476 698863).

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