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  • Q: I noticed in the pictures from last year’s Hong Kong Olympic test event a tent full of misting fans. I would like to use one at home during the summer when my competition horses are in heavy work. Can you tell me where I can get one?
    GN, Wiltshire

    IN August, horses competing in Hong Kong will be subject to extreme temperatures and humidity. Plans are in place for dedicated facilities for cooling horses during training and competition. These will include a number of “misting tents”, each of which can hold several horses at a time where they can be cooled by rows of misting fans. Supplies of chilled water and ice will also be available.

    While it sounds a world away from a cold, damp April, come summer, cooling systems — which have been popular in the US for a while — could be useful to many riders closer to home.

    Wiltshire-based company Koolfog sells a range of misting products including fans similar to the ones pictured. Koolfog’s systems are used in dairies, aviaries, zoos and kennels while their Stablekool product has been specifically developed for the equestrian industry. The company has come up with a comprehensive line of misting fans, from portable models to permanent installations.

    By using tap water, the high-pressure misting equipment is said by the manufacturers to produce water particles perfectly sized for evaporation. As they evaporate, heat is drawn from the surrounding air, quickly reducing temperatures by up to 15°C.

    Cooling systems can be tailor-made to provide a uniform humidity and temperature control for individual stables or large equestrian facililities. They are also said to be good for dust suppression in yards.

    Koolfog’s mobile cooling systems are designed for use after strenuous competition such as racing, polo and point-to-point and are said to provide instant relief for overheated and potentially stressed horses.


    Fixed systems start from £3,500
    Koolfog Tel: 01249 813263 www.koolfog.eu

    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (17 April, ’08)

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