Robert Walker: ‘Don’t buy a horse in half-light’ *H&H Plus*


  • Robert Walker discusses how he finds the next generation of champions: “Everyone should exercise caution if they do buy unseen and there are cases of people being scammed out of money for animals that do not exist”

    Now Cheshire has been put into tier two we’ve been able to return to some form of normality. We’ve been back out hunting the past couple of weeks and it’s been refreshing to do something other than the daily routine. I’m not ashamed to say that hunting is my rehab after a summer of showing.

    This year, it’s been easy to lull yourself into a morbid way of thinking but I’ve tried to keep positive. We’re lucky to work outside in our industry and I’ve enjoyed spending more time at home with less of the intensity of chasing qualifiers.

    Usually, we see very little of our home as we’re often back late from a show and out again early. This year has been about the enjoyment of our horses.
    Some will say that these changes have been for the better, though as a competitive person myself I know that we will fall back into the normal routine once we get going again; it’s just how we are.

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