Pammy Hutton: ‘Aim for a smile rather than a 10’ *H&H Plus*

Pammy Hutton on setting achievable targets, and riding schools’ plight

We’ve had no choice but to stay positive this winter while training at home. To all those who have stuck with it outdoors in force 10 gales and sub-zero temperatures, I salute you!

My goals may not be as high as they once were, and many riders are in the same boat. But achieving daily goals with an end goal in sight – perhaps even a “live” competition or two – is what has kept us all going.

My latest target is 200 metres in my best sitting trot with no wobbles or flops; no changes or resistance; horse and rider in balance, rhythm and outline to produce one picture… although I find that 20 metres in, my inner core (wherever that is) screeches with inability.

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