John Taylor: Riders tend to vote with their feet *H&H Plus*


  • It has been a busy winter, and in addition to attending two junior premier shows at South View, I have also officiated at four other winter classics around the country. This has been one of the best supported, with quality riders and a good calibre of horses.

    While recent storms have created havoc across the country, Cheshire remained one of the least affected counties, although the temporary stable field here has suffered.


    I walked the stable area several times and thought the organisers managed the situation sympathetically, offering plenty of top-up straw and bedding. As much as we would like to, we can’t alter the weather.Riders reported that they loved the size of the main arena — it boasts a long ring, a well-maintained surface, and plenty of space for course designers to set different lines.

    They were also impressed with the quick changeovers and variety of tracks — “tough, but fair” was the main theme of comments.

    A stewards’ motto

    From a steward’s point of view, I am pleased we are now seen as a point of contact.

    The new tack rules seem to have settled in well with only a few riders needing a reminder. Since the implementation of the new rules, there have been very few issues regarding spurs and riders seem keen to ask advice.

    A stewards’ motto is “HPI”:

    • Help — to assist and be a point of contact advising on tack issues and conduct.
    • Prevent — to stop abuses and unfair advantages being gained, creating a fair and level playing field.
    • Intervention — to deal with infringements of the rules.

    Happily, at this show, I had a very quiet time with few issues to address.

    South View is an established centre dedicated to running shows, and owners, riders and spectators remarked on the warm welcome from the accommodating secretaries to the restaurant staff.

    Riders tend to vote with their feet and many new faces here vowed to return.

    Ref Horse & Hound; 27 February 2020