Pets are not ‘replaceable and inanimate objects’: parliament debates pet theft *H&H Plus*

  • Ipswich MP Tom Hunt, who led the debate, told H&H he had been involved in discussions around changing the sentencing guidelines to give judges the ability to sentence for the theft of pets, including horses, more harshly after the Government refused to create a specific offence for pet theft. H&H finds out more...

    STOLEN pets are treated no differently to stolen mobile phones, which needs to change, an MP has pointed out, in discussions over changes to sentencing guidelines.

    A parliament debate on 19 October followed two petitions calling for tougher sentencing for pet theft – which together received more than 260,000 signatures – and a letter from the House of Commons Petitions Committee to the Government urging for either the amendment of the Theft Act or for a new offence to be created under the Animal Welfare Act.

    Ipswich MP Tom Hunt, who led the debate, said pet theft is not treated with the seriousness it deserves, and that reform is “urgently needed”.


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