Team chasing officials apologise for ‘bolox’ team name *H&H Plus*

  • A complaint was raised about a team name used at a team chase this month. H&H speaks to organisers, the man who raised the issue and the man who submitted the name

    TEAM chasing officials have apologised for any offence caused by a team name that generated a complaint.

    A team by the name “Bolox. All Lives Matter” took part in the Grafton chase on 18 October. Grafton chairman Colin Richmond-Watson said under normal circumstances, it would have been spotted before the event.

    “This year is very unusual,” he told H&H. “Normally we have a programme and it’s proof-read, but this year it was all done online and we didn’t get the print-out until shortly before the event.

    “We have a very small team of volunteers, and 125 entries, very nearly 500 horses, so we were flat out and we didn’t spot it.”

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