Life lessons: Mary Low (née Gordon-Watson) *H&H Plus*

Mary Low (née Gordon-Watson) won individual gold at the 1969 European and 1970 World Championships on Cornishman V, as well as three team gold medals, including at the 1972 Olympics. In this exclusive feature, the former world champion reflects on having an “in-between horse”, and recalls the Olympian who inspired her to take up eventing...

I went straight from a 14hh home-bred pony on to Cornishman, who was 17hh. My father fell for him at a farm sale and bought him for £500 to be his hunter. We thought he’d paid too much, as the horse was wild and only four.

It might have been good if I’d had an easier “in-between” horse to gain experience on, had I realised Cornishman was going to be my best event horse. He was very big and aggressive after running in three point-to-points, but also very sensitive, and I had a lot of learning to do to adjust to riding him.

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