All in a day’s work: The Team GBR farrier *H&H Plus*

Andrew Bowyer on transporting his pony in the Landy, and a life of medals, gaffer tape and chocolate sandwiches, as told to Eleanor Jones

I have a wonderful career and being part of Team GBR is the icing on the cake; the morale and sense of everyone working together to achieve a goal is very fulfilling. Every time you come back from a trip, you realise how many people it takes to keep things going, and every championships is an amazing opportunity. There are highs and lows in every competition and you share them all; everyone wins together or loses together.

I started with the Pony Club. When I was six, we didn’t have much money; for my first rally, we didn’t have a horsebox so Mum put the Shetland in the back of the Land Rover and I was in there with him. His name was Silver and he lived until he was 42. I used to ride to school, so it was all a bit hillbilly.

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