Zebra pizza on the menu at East Lancs takeaway

  • Zebra pizza is now on the menu at an East Lancashire takeaway.

    Last week H&H reported that L’Escargot Bleu had become the first restaurant in the UK to serve horsemeat, but it seems that tastes in the north of the UK are getting even more exotic.

    Yummy Yummy Italia in Parker Lane, Burnley started serving the unusual topping earlier this year.

    The takeaway also serves buffalo, venison, kangaroo and crocodile pizzas.

    Owner Arash Fard told local press he saw frogs’ legs on a pizza on a trip to London and wanted to expand on the idea.

    “I thought it would be something really different. I’ve had a few goes and tried a few different recipes but it is perfect now,” he told the Lancashire Telegraph.

    “The main thing I get from customers now is that they don’t believe that I am serving real zebra meat.

    “But it is totally for real. The meat is all legal and all legitimate.

    The meat is sourced from alternative meat suppliers Kezie, in Berwickshire, who also sell python, crocodile and ostrich.

    The zebra is reportedly from game parks in South Africa and is certified to EU food standards.

    Yummy Yummy Italia sells around 20 zebra pizzas a week.

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