World class young talent named

Thirty-six talented young riders are to receive extra help towards a career in dressage, show jumping, eventing and Paralympic dressage, funded by UK Sport.

The World Class Start and Potential programmes aim to bring on and encourage riders who aspire to representing Britain at Olympic level.

Tailored programmes are developed for each youngster and, as well as receiving coaching from top trainers in their discipline, the scheme can offer help with other areas, such as finding owners and sponsors, and sports psychology.

Leading trainers and sports specialistshave assessed the short-listed applicants and as well as the riders selected for the main squads, several others will be invited to attend training sessions.

The BEF has also asked for additional funding for dressage candidates Andrew Gouldand Daniel Timson, who are said to show particular promise.

The squads

Dressage Start

  • Anne-Marie Perry
  • Lorna Edmonds
  • Natalie Allen
  • Henry Boswell

Dressage Potential

  • Becky Moody
  • Sarah Millis
  • Charlotte Edmonds
  • Maria Eilberg
  • Darryl Thickitt

Show Jumping Start

  • Ryan Prater
  • Sophie Heaven

Show Jumping Potential

  • Corrine Collins
  • Jamie Wingrave
  • Ben Maher
  • Paul Barker
  • Robert Whitaker

Eventing Start

  • Alice Dunsdon
  • Tamsyn Hutchins
  • Abi Walters
  • Gemma Tattersall
  • Georgie Davies

Eventing Potential

  • Sarah Cutteridge
  • Ruth Friend
  • Terry Boon
  • Lucy Wiegersma (pictured)
  • Chris King

Paralympic Dressage Start

  • Natasha Baker
  • Emma Kent
  • Sophie Franks
  • Toby Pawson
  • Richard Bromley

Paralympic Dressage Potential

  • Sophie Christiansen
  • Andrew Brockman
  • Vanessa Knight
  • Liz Stone
  • Joanne Pitt

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