Wild cat or wolf blamed for death of horse in Wisconsin

  • A wolf or wild cat is being blamed for the death of a horse in rural Wisconsin, America.

    The horse — a mare — was found dead last week in rural Watertown, Wisconsin, with injuries to her throat and head.

    Wildlife experts believe the horse’s wounds were inflicted by a wild animal — probably a cougar.

    Amanda Saxby, who found the horse last Monday, told local news service wisn.com: “The pattern of the attack, being in her throat area and head area, is characteristic of a large cat. A wolf would prey on an animal or take it down from behind.”

    But the US Department of Agriculture, which has taken over the investigation, has not ruled out a wolf. Officials studied tracks in the snow and injuries to another of the Saxby’s horses — saying paw marks on her rear and teeth marks on the inside of her leg were consistent with that of a canine, possibly a wolf.

    But vets cannot be sure of exactly what killed the horse, because the Saxby family have already buried it.

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