What you didn’t know about… Culpeppers Dish

  • Team chase rider Andrew Shipley tells H&H about the lead horse with a high cruising speed.

    Fact file

    Stable name: Pepper

    Age: 21

    Height: 16.1hh

    Breed: thoroughbred

    Sire: Lochnager

    Dam: Faint Praise

    Owners: Shipley family

    Rider: Andrew Shipley (previously his brother Ian)

    Best results: he has won many open team chases and led Lycetts; A Class Act to third at the 2011 National Championships

    Four things you didn’t know…

    1 He’s a grumpy old git and will give you a good nip if you don’t watch out.

    2 He can be very difficult to catch. “We have to keep him under house arrest the night before a competition, as he’ll give you the runaround in the morning,” says Andrew.

    3 Pepper ran in 12 point-to-points, but won only once. He ran in two races under Rules (in 1997 and in 1998). In the first, he pulled up and in the second he finished fourth out of 13.

    4 He wouldn’t have made a good eventer. He may be an awesome cross-country horse but “gets very tense in the dressage and is a careless showjumper”, adds Andrew.

    To read the full interview with Andrew Shipley about Culpeppers Dish see 11 October issue of H&H

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