What to wear . . . for endurance

  • Expert advice on the correct clothing to wear when competing in endurance riding competitions

    Under Endurance GB’s rules, riders competing in pleasure, long-distance and endurance rides must wear a properly secured hat or helmets, which conforms to PAS015, BSEN1384, EN1384 or ASTM/SEI standards at all time when mounted.

    Footwear must have at least a 1/2ins heel unless a stirrup cage is used to prevent the foot slipping through the stirrup. Wellington boots are not allowed.

    Competitors are permitted to wear jodhpurs, breeches with chaps or riding tights and advised to wear a shirt with sleeves and collar.

    Whips up to 75cm in length may be carried in all rides except endurance rides and FEI classes. Spurs are not allowed.

    Riders are encouraged to carry a small first aid kit, which is mandatory at some rides, and either a mobile phone or money for a phone.

    The survival/first aid kit should include the following items:

    • Triangular bandage
    • Wound bandage
    • Vet-wrap or similar
    • Space blanket
    • Glucose tablets or similar
    • Whistle
    • Baler Twine
  • Click here to read about the correct tack for endurance horses.

    For more information about competing in endurance competitions contact Endurance GB (tel: 02476 698863).

  • Click here to visit the HHO shopping village, which includes online retailers selling a range of clothing suitable for enduracne, including sweatshirts, hats, gloves and breeches.
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