Watch playful dolphins frolic in the sea with horses

  • A video has captured the “beautiful interaction” between racehorses and dolphins.

    The footage was recorded by Charlotte Littlefield who is from Somerset, but is currently training racehorses in Melbourne, Australia.

    Ms Littlefield was exercising horses on the beach on 26 October when the dolphins swam over to investigate.

    “We train at the beach most mornings to relax the horses as well as aiding recovery after strenuous workouts,” said Ms Littlefield.

    “The dolphins make occasional appearances and love the company of horses often trying to play with them.

    “The connection you feel between the two animals is extremely unique and beautiful — it’s a real privilege.

    “We expected the horses to be more wary, especially the younger more inexperienced ones.

    “I guess as they got closer they sensed the dolphins meant no harm.”beach-ride-racing

    Ms Littlefield evented to three-star level in the UK prior to moving to Australia in 2005.

    She worked with several Australian racehorse trainers before deciding to go it alone.

    Her first runner, Bergerac Rose, finished third at Kilmore in December last year.

    Since then, Ms Littlefield has won four races and had numerous placings.

    She added that the horses clearly enjoy their time in the sea.

    “We wade the horses in elbow-deep water at walk which is low pressure and relaxing for them,” she said.

    “All of my horses love the beach and drag you to the water as soon as you get there.

    “The dolphins must sense the horses’ heartbeat and/or walking noise and make a beeline for us.

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    “They then swim with us, playing and darting in between the horses encouraging the horses to play with them.

    “The versatility in my training methods helps produce a more enjoyable environment for the racehorses I train.

    “Also a huge showcase for the most beautiful interaction between land and sea animals — something to be treasured forever.”

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