Warning over grass cuttings

  • British Horse Society appeals to gardeners to dispose of grass cuttings with care after three donkeys die

    The BHS has issued a warning about the dangers to equines of ingesting grass cuttings.

    Three donkeys from Surrey are already reported to have died this year after eating cuttings.

    Spokesperson for the BHS, Nichola Gregory, said: “A pile of grass clippings is very attractive to horses, ponies and donkeys, but once eaten can prove fatal.

    “Eating grass clippings can cause colic and, if the grass begins to ferment, it can cause a lethal build up of gasses within the gut.

    “This causes the animal severe pain and damage to the digestive system, resulting in a horrible death.”

    The society is appealing to all gardeners to dispose of waste in a “responsible manner” and not to dump it where grazing animals may be tempted.

    Read more about colic:

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