Two ponies go missing after riders fall in the New Forest

  • The ponies have now been found near to a fence by a forest gate by a member of the public. They are now safely back home.

    An owner is appealing for help after her two New Forest ponies went missing after throwing their riders earlier today (Monday 26 April).

    Julia Gogh was riding in the New Forest at around 12.15pm when both she and husband fell from their ponies Tommy and Rodney. Both ponies bolted and have not been seen since.

    “We were riding down a cycle path when some cyclists came hurtling towards us,” Julia told H&H.

    “The pony I was on spooked and threw me. I think I’ve cracked a rib as it’s really uncomfortable. My husband managed to stay on, but then my pony shot off and swerved in front on him and he fell as well.”

    The couple were riding in the Highland Water enclosure south of the A31 — West of the Stony Cross Emery Down road, in the region of Coneygeer Bottom and Woolsmoor Mead area.

    Julia hopes the ponies may still be in the enclosure.

    They are both bay geldings — one is 14.2hh with a half clip and the other is 13.3hh and unshod. Both were tacked up when last seen,” she added.

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